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  • Your thoughts?

    I believe there is more to this story and more video with more evidence!

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    Originally posted by Danbo View Post

    I believe there is more to this story and more video with more evidence!
    The MSM is having a field day with this.

    My thoughts?
    1) I'm not trusting a single word the MSM puts out.
    2) let the system work
    3) the truth WILL eventually come out....

    Until then .... "No comment!"


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      Not sure about this Georgia deal.
      Waiting for facts to come out. Doesn't look good.

      Indy cops killed a black guy last week after he live streamed his chase. Being a dumbass shouldn't be a death sentence.....but then you should be able to pet tigers in a cage without losing an arm right?

      Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

      Maybe the guy in Georgia was just out for a jog and some hicks misidentified him. Maybe they just wanted to shoot him.


      Do know I don't trust the MSM and the Martin and Brown spin was evil.

      The omission of details in normal weekly murder and mayhem in Indy news is evil

      Quit making excuses for peoples poor behavior.

      You cant condemn one race unless you condemn all races.
      And that means one has to acknowledge one group causes the majority of the messes.

      Nathan Trapuzzano went out for a jog and Simeon Adams murdered him. Bet none of you saw that on CNN
      Last edited by CD2; 05-09-2020, 01:13 PM.


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        Another drive by shooting in my burg last night. Nobody hit ( cept a house ). Like usual, in a certain area of town.

        Surprise. Not.

        So common as to be routine, nothing sensational.

        Like blacks killing blacks or blacks killing whites.

        But holy cow, some white kills a black and its national news for days


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          IMHO the Georgia deal appears to be clusterfork. Hope the facts come out and a just verdict the result.

          Got no problem w harsh sentences for those that deserve it.

          ​​​​​​Aint gonna bring anybody back from the grave though.

          Thats why I still favor capital punishment. Be nice or be gone.


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            A whole lot of people are going to get hung out to dry over this. Two local prosecutors have already thrown up their hands. Chief of police is probably already on vacation ... in Mexico ... permanently. A couple of white trash rednecks trying to make a citizens arrest of suspected burglar running down the street. Why not simply keep following him till cops arrived? Maybe because they didn't call the cops? And what's with this person following with camera running. What's that about? And why wait months before coming forward with it? Didn't get paid enough to keep quiet? Or maybe the boys in white sheets dropped by for a beer one evening? And how could the local cops blow this off as self defense? Huh? This is a skinny black guy running down the street in shorts and tee shirt. Obviously he's got no gun. Then this jumbo hillbilly jumps him. Sure he resists. Scared sh*less as anyone would be. "What's with this goofy f*&%er?!!" Jumbo hillbilly retired cop dad is standing in back of the pursuit pickup watching. He could jump out and give his kid a hand subduing this dangerous jogger. Or maybe the driver of the pickup could help? Or maybe the driver and/or passenger of the camera vehicle who are obviously in on the pursuit could help? So there's all these people, at least two of them very large people, vs one skinny black guy and somehow blowing him away was necessary in self defense? There's a simple explanation. Look at where it happened and who was involved. Forget about the colour aspect (though I'm sure it had something to do with choice of victim). This is about a good old boy police dept looking after one of their own gun toting dimwits ... instead of looking after the law.


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              Originally posted by CD2 View Post
              IMHO the Georgia deal appears to be clusterfork. Hope the facts come out and a just verdict the result.

              Got no problem w harsh sentences for those that deserve it.

              ​​​​​​Aint gonna bring anybody back from the grave though.

              Thats why I still favor capital punishment. Be nice or be gone.
              There were crimes in the area and victim fit the description of perp.


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                The bad thing about this is that it was quickly decided by local law enforcement and no formal investigation was conducted until the public saw the video published. It does warrant proper investigation as would any loss of life incident and that is now being conducted by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation almost three months after it occurred (LATE????).

                This is an indictment of the system of justice that has plagued the state of Georgia for about 300 years. Civil rights have come a LONG way over the last 55 years but we still have a long way to go. People are asking for equal treatment under the law and that seems fair to me.

                I live in this state and my expectations for law enforcement and criminal justice is much higher than I have seen in this case.
                Last edited by DakotaMan; 05-09-2020, 11:25 AM.


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                  My expectations for media objectivity and accuracy are so low that I will not express a opinion about the tape. I hope the legal beagles can figure out what happened. I have no problem with the death penalty. At least the executed scumsuckers don't get to kill anyone else.


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                    Originally posted by jhjimbo View Post

                    There were crimes in the area and victim fit the description of perp.
                    And what description would that be? Black male? Why weren't the cops following this guy running down the street? If he was such a close match to burgler's description surely the retired cop called it in for police to investigate? Nope, apparently not. I suspect a bunch of redneck assholes decided to have some fun and Junior bit off more than he could chew. He got slapped around in front of Pappy and lost his redhead redneck temper. His concealed carry was just too convenient at the wrong time. I believe if citizens arrest had been the intention as claimed (which in this case wasn't legal anyway because they hadn't witnessed a crime), former cop Pappy would not have been a spectator standing in the truck. And why wasn't the driver of the truck charged? My guess it was redneck Mammy at the wheel and some Southern Belle sexual bias is at work.
                    Last edited by Ontario Honker Hunter; 05-09-2020, 11:53 AM.


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                      Your not allowed to kill someone for theft!

                      If they steal from you call police it's not life and death matter!
                      Some of our biased opinions on left and right on here are speculating as usual!
                      I on other hand don't like egg on my face and will wait for facts!!!!


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                        Some people are stupid.
                        Some people are sick and tired of other people being stupid.

                        For every black unjustly killed by whites, how many whites unjustly killed by blacks?
                        How many blacks killing blacks?

                        Heard somebody on TV say blacks are being hunted down.
                        Race baiting BS.

                        But lets take them at their word for a second..........
                        maybe if they collectively got their chit together and quit acting like animals, they wouldn't get hunted.

                        Amazing how people think they can be all the A hole they want, and everybody else has to play by the rules.

                        Even if they do play that game and get by with does influence how the game is played someplace else.

                        And that spillover means innocent people will get hurt/killed.

                        Social responsibility................blacks as a culture don't have it. Culture of identity (usually victim) and not integrity.

                        Not saying that a bad guy got shot in this incident.
                        May have been a good guy.

                        Could have been killed by racists. Or those suffering from negro fatigue. Or maybe just dumbasses.


                        But blacks acting terrible over and over, everywhere, does set the stage for this kinda crap.

                        And nobody is talking about that.

                        So it will keep on happening.


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                          Africans are about 13% of the population and commit over 45% of felony crimes, i.e. violent crimes


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                            "I on other hand don't like egg on my face and will wait for facts!!!!"
                            Well, a little common sense is thrown into the mix, along with a lot of purely speculative rhetoric. There has got to be more to this than can be shown in a 30 second video clip.
                            But hey, why wait for facts or to see the whole video, or even to take the facts before a Grand Jury, or a jury of their peers? honk-honk the omnipotent has weighed in and given us all we need to know.


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                              We know they will not face hate crime charges because Georgia does not have a hate crime law.





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