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Why There's a Problem With China

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  • Why There's a Problem With China

    A side story to the covid 19 Pandemic is the war of words between Trump and China's military intelligence who is pushing the "all an American plot to infect and damage China".

    At first I couldn't understand, why call it the China virus, and why were authorities in China allowing their military intelligence to push what is obviously a false conspiracy theory. China would be the last folks we'd want to anger, and I'd think they'd want to keep in our good graces so we keep buying electronics etc.

    The virus did evolve in China at a wet market due to official policy of once again allowing farm raised wildlife to exist in high numbers under crowded conditions. But that's not the worst. For the first month it knew of the issue China clamped down on the story using all the powers of a totalitarian regime. Forced confessions, arrest, complete black out of any mention on the net or more traditional media. That one month allowed the virus to spread beyond control in Wuhan and travel to all provinces, but that's not the worst.

    China eventually went into full on wartime mode using all the advantages of a totalitarian government, quarantine of 60 million, shut down of entire country while they ran down the infections in the other provinces. Escaping was the virus itself, on an unready world unaware of how deadly travelers from Wuhan in their midst were. Exponential growth can double unnoticed for quite a while. Two or sixty four cases can be so mild as to not even show up at an emergency room, and by the time they do there are hundreds or more reinfecting throughout the population.

    When all this is over, everyone will remember where the virus came from. China. The culpability of the Chinese government as well as our own governments misplaced assurances that we'd nothing to worry about will not be as important. The thing everyone will remember is China. Will we or the world be as careless allowing our supply chain to be so dependent on a totalitarian regime again? I hope not.

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    I was super POd at giving them favored nation status.
    Never trust a non Christian country. Sorry, but I don't.

    Watched a special about some tainted medicine killing people in South America. Traced to Chinese manufacture. They did not care, as it wasn't Chinese dying. All they cared about was their jobs and not offending their bosses.

    Told me all I needed to know.

    But I already knew it.

    My MIL from Europe. My dad and his fam too.
    Not against foreigners, hell worked with bunches for decades.
    Nice people most.
    But cultures are cultures and some ARE better than others.
    We have enough of a problem with our homegrown A holes.

    Have always wanted stronger borders and not to rely on outsiders for stuff, esp medicine.
    But the progressives call that racism.
    If only the virus would kill the stupid.

    Here's my take.
    After all this blows over, people will blame others and forget. This a mild disturbance and back to cheap goods and Kardashian TV.

    The dumbing down of America has other costs.

    BTW, how much stock did the 3 Rinos and Feinstein drop right before the crash?
    Think I heard she sold 6 million off.

    Those people need sent to China with no return back.


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      I am sure most on here are tired of me bad mouthing the SOB country of China, but they, the Chinese, deserve every damn thing I have ever reported. They are a complete menace to the world and have never done anything to help make the world a better place ! The stupidity of the US to ever tie itself to this POS country will be our downfall in the end. I have been warned by my doctors to not use blood pressure medicine that I have used for years as it has been found to have cancer causing additives, and guess where it was produced, in that shit hole China !


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        I suppose we could live with a little more hate crime if it makes some of us feel better.
        Last edited by 99explorer; 03-20-2020, 08:29 PM.


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          Cry me a river.
          How many blacks raped and killed whites this week?
          How many rendecks hurt blacks or hispanics?

          If this virus is as bad as hyped, then who really gives a damn about a couple of hate crimes.
          Sounds like the origin country doesn't care.
          I sure as hell don't
          Adults should protect themselves, its their responsibility.

          99..........if its so bad, go on over there and hug em like the Italians said.

          Bad stuff happens, people are stupid..........trying to equate a couple of hate crimes to the money and lives a GD joke. You should be ashamed to even spew such drivel.


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            You are either a troll, insane or done some really bad stuff and trying to salve a wounded conscience.


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              Typical response.
              No substance.
              Just hate speech and insults.


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                CD2 -
                If it makes you feel better, you might visit your local Chinese restaurant or laundry, and throw a rock through their window.


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                  Well CD I don't know what to say. Live as a foreigner in nowhereseville China and get called Loawai for a year and I've done my share of China hating, but with most things eventually I learned to appreciate them for what they are. When they are your friend they are extremely loyal. They can organise, and live in close proximity, they love to study, and compete. Go take an hour to look around Harvard Square, chock a block full of Asians of some sort of ethnicity or another, mostly with American accents. Oh, and when they are born here, they are very American, even the imports leave lots of Asia behind, learn to que up and stuff.

                  They are great with money, run every bank in mainland Asia. I don't like the Communist method of gaining and maintaining a monopoly of power, nor the cronyism that is far worse than here, but with so many people they've little homelessness, and many many get a govt apartment which is very cheap. I could go on and on. They can't be our adversary, parts of their govt is for sure, but many cadres are just people trying to do a decent job and make a contribution, just like people anywhere.




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