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    Blue collar town.
    Urbans and hillbillies (democrats).
    There are some good kids.
    But the public school system has mostly liberal teachers/admins and they let the freaks and thugs mess up the whole place.

    The problem is way worse than most know.
    Watered down curriculum. Grade fixing. Special classrooms, alternative school, night school...........E learning. And 50% of the black males won't graduate. A lot more white kids not graduating now too.
    And those that graduate? Half are illiterate.

    Some good kids, but not enough.

    Polite kid?
    Yeah, two I met (my ol lady used to teach). Both were drug dealers and one got murdered.
    Super nice guys w great english and manners.
    Too nice.

    I wasn't fooled.


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      Kids today, most of them, have way over inflated egos.
      Mommy and daddy have told them they're special, when they aren't.
      Social media warps their minds on how the world is.
      When it bites em in the arse, they shatter.

      That and maybe the McNuggets why so many choose drugs and or off themselves.

      I really don't care how a liberal exits, the sooner the better.
      Last edited by CD2; 01-18-2020, 02:26 AM.


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        You are right, back in the day, 30 yrs or so ago, a guy could be a bit of a dumbarse and clean himself up, get a factory job or education and be civilized/normal.

        But those type IMHO are the ones that felt sorry for the next generation kind of like them, went easy on em, and allowed things to get worse.

        I worked in a big factory and saw grandparents unable to retire, because they were raising grandkids. Nice older people too. Too nice. They screwed up their own kids, and were going to do it on the grandkids. Maybe learned something, but majority still too soft/wishy washy/liberal.

        Didn't make the changes needed. Grandkids ended up in trouble.

        Nobody wants to do tough love.

        UAW town. Kids spoiled. Parents worked to make the $, usually divorced and remarried.
        Toss the kids money and off they went.
        Drug abuse huge, parents and kids. Good insurance. They could "afford" to be screwed up.
        Surprise surprise.........when the grandkids are a mess.
        That's OK though, as somebody knows somebody in the union to get em a job.
        They are entitled, after all.

        The mindset.

        Democrats every damn one.

        Record opiod deaths here. Scanner has OD daily.
        Dr in bigger city said 25 yr old came into ER overdosed. Got him Narcan. Pulled through.
        When released he said "see ya next week doc". Was his 6th or 7th OD.


        Let him GO.

        ABC/NBC had a news thing a while back, mom driving kid to drug dealer, heroin, wanted NARCAN at home, wanted others to have it, to save their sons.

        Uh, lady..........hes already dead. Let him go.

        I dunno what political/religious views she had............but I have a strong hunch.


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          Drug addicts are like drowning people.
          They will probably pull you under if you get close to try and save them.
          They are pulling society down for sure.


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            Worked with a very kindly older gentleman.
            Jim was retired USMC over 70 years old.
            Said he'd never be able to retire, his son needed his "help"!

            Told my two very early in life, "Get your butt in a crack, you can get it out. Your mother and I won't be bailing you out of jail!"
            Musta worked. Youngest got a "minor in possession - alcohol". Test came back clean but alcohol was within reach. Ticketed and released and had to do several hours of community service.
            That one is a Fed LEO now.

            I will say one thing about the child, some of the people they had contact with doing community service were some of the upper crust elite in the Fort Worth area.


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              When I worked in the Hospital and a suicide came in I would disappear. Not going to work on somebody that wants to die - only a matter of time before they get it right.


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                Originally posted by CD2 View Post
                Drug addicts are like drowning people.
                They will probably pull you under if you get close to try and save them.
                They are pulling society down for sure.
                I was a Red Cross swimming instructor and our procedure was to dive down, grab victims legs and spin them around so when we came up we were behind them. Short story. The DAY I got my certification, that night, I was at a Lake with GF having a few beers and a swim. We swam out about 50yds and I hear gurgle gurgle. She is going down. Dove down, grabbed her by the hair and towed her to shore. The very DAY I got my certification - that really got the adrenalin going.


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                  With the liberal slant in our culture over the past 20 years or so, this country has become toooo pussified, has lost most of it’s sense of responsibility, respect for others, self drive and is now only me, me, me !

                  Schools are mostly a joke, kids advanced without passing grades, just so they will not feel badly about themselves. Blacks not learning, don’t want to be ‘Uncle Toms’, males all thinking they will be pro ball players, thus no need to know anything other than dribbling a basketball or throwing a pass ! Getting all their needed education from their fellow mental midgets, a good way to the higher limits of self-betterment. No education=no job, but what the hell, just blame it on whitey and his discrimination, simple fix !!

                  Liberals allow all the needed excuses for being down trodden, civilized people just don’t understand all the complexities of being successful, or at least trying, so the misfits of the world are given a pass as to being the problem they are !

                  What this country will look like in 20 years is scary !!!


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                    And when the fed/ state couldnt get more kids to graduate what did they tell the teachers? The problem wasnt what they were told to do. It was them not doing it enough.

                    and when they did, things still got worse.

                    Liberalism is a mental illness.

                    Totally ignores reality.


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                      Liberalism is a political and moral philosophy based on liberty, consent of the governed and equality before the law.Liberals espouse a wide array of views depending on their understanding of these principles, but they generally support limited government, individual rights (including civil rights and human rights), capitalism (free markets),
                      democracy, secularism, gender equality, racial equality, internationalism, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion.

                      That's from wiki and pretty much covers it. When used to label the left and the right in America or elsewhere it isn't true in every instance. The current efforts to curtail freedom of speech for instance. American conservatives are more liberal than American liberals as far as free speech. Limited government? Individual rights such as the 2A. Trump ran on trade barriers (which I support) Clinton and Obama were into freeing up markets between countries. Free trade until Trump was supported more by the Republican Party and still is in my estimation, at least by the people who fund the Republican Party. Also the free flow of labor. The Koch Brothers and the Cato Institute are on opposite sides of the fence from Trump re illegal and legal immigration and work visas. Until 16 most Democrats made very strong statements against illegal immigration. Many are raking Sanders over the coals over statements he made in 15 and 07.


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                        Wiki is liberal. So of course theyll label their nonsense as noble.


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                          Rat, You are out in Left field. Trump ran on free and equal trade. Wiki definition you posted is B.S.. Liberals are for BIG Government, freebies for everyone until the money runs out and the Dictators leading the Party fill their coffers. i.e. see Argentina.


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