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  • Outdoor Life !, bu

    It has been over a month since anything new has been posted on OL ! Is that site dead in the water, or is there a reason to keep it alive ? Is there a need for 2 sites and if so, why ? I started on OL in 2015, hate to see the shape it is in now, but posting there receives no support. Is there an answer to this situation ?

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    Richard, the Q&A section of the OL site was doomed by the last major software revision. As far as I know, Bonner has not promoted use either there or here at F&S.

    The last nails in the coffin were placed by 99explorer when he started spamming OL with his stupid riddles that no one was interested in.
    Trump 2020 - Keep America Great!


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      I tried keeping up with both sites a couple times but just couldn’t get into OL the way I did here. A large reason for that was the draw the F&S blogs had but unfortunately that is a thing of the past. What keeps this site running is beyond me, let alone OL.

      I received an email from Bonnier last week offering subscriptions to OL and a couple other mags for $5. I deleted it. Maybe I should have given them another shot, I will admit the past couple F&S issues have been good reads. Too bad they don’t come every month now.


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        I think the tone of both sites has been damaged by the lack of civility by some of the members.
        Time was when you could tell a joke and it was well received. "How do you know you're a redneck?".
        Now any attempt at humor is met with some snotty remark about whether you don't have anything better to do with your time.
        We lost a lot of good members due to the hostility.


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          I dunno bhr. I tried to contribute some over there, but there just never seemed to be much enthusiasm, no fire, no convictions.

          I even played with a few of 99's dumb jokes. That fell flat too.

          In 99's defense, he's not the first one who thought he could carry the OL flag (Gary Devine) and resurrect the site.
          In fact, I even tried it. Boy, I was shot down in flames pretty quickly!
          Three or four threads never even got one reply.
          I don't understand why OL can't be as active (?) as the F&S site?


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            I get both magazines and a lot of time OL is a more interesting read than F&S.

            The thing here is new guys, especially young guys or new to hunting or fishing, are not treated like adults and are shunned away.

            Even regulars are recipients of question. I have even had times when I would say something like 'sky is blue' and 5 guys would chime in and say 'I am pretty sure it is green'. I guess I to am migrating to more inviting sites. Life is short.
            Last edited by jhjimbo; 12-09-2019, 09:36 PM.


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              All I know is over the last months reading what was printed here, from the micro-technical to the "you gotta be kidding me" beat the hell out of any flesh and blood conversations I was having with the characters that float in and out of my outdoor life every year. You think we're petty here read some of the self righteous arrogance and one upmanship on rimfirecentral. People buying their credentials as experts , spending fortunes customizing guns they then rarely shoot if at all. Showpieces, bah humbug! That crap coupled with puking on the less disposable income crowds choices in equipment and accessories make this place a BASTION OF REAL HUNTERS/SHOOTERS. Glad to share a keyboard with y'all.


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                It took me over 2 years to go full time with F&S, most of that was due to some of the guys on OL jumping ship, which also led to reduced activity. I am not sure there is a need for two sites which are so closely related content wise. I do not mind the varied topics here, all subjects I feel have some bearing on our lives in different ways but still relate either sports wise, or politically as to what governs our very existence. Being one who can get a ‘little’ on edge at times, I enjoy the banter between opposite views of users ! This is the only forum I visit and that is due to liking the users here and not needing the input of more than what is here ! As far as my question regarding OL, I have no helpful info as to it’s future.


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                  bhr wrote
                  "... I do not mind the varied topics here, all subjects I feel have some bearing on our lives in different ways but still relate either sports wise, or politically as to what governs our very existence. ..."

                  I'm not so sure that true outdoorsmen aren't very aware of how tightly guns and hunting are tied to both the 2A and our Gov't.

                  In today's world, you can't be blind to the fact that the 2A is in deep trouble and who it's in danger from.
                  Who is on "our" collective side (conservatives) and who wants the 2A struck down (liberals) and tossed out.

                  I think there is a fire in those who know just how tightly interwoven hunting, the 2A and our Gov't are.
                  That's the one's who I think return here.


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                    Forums die because of cliques. A couple jerks and a buddy admin and most guys split.

                    The other bigger thing killing forums and print mag media.
                    Young people like getting more exact info, next door to where theyre goofing off. Facebook and the groups on it.

                    Some are rather rude/immature with who runs the group. Hell anybody can start one. Flooded w dumbarses too.

                    ​​​​​​Think mossberg 500vs 870 w drunken 7th graders....that kind of discussion.

                    I am on one group, decent enough. Specialized archery one. I got some parts and bought a bow from a gentleman there. Good group.

                    Told a couple other groups in the past to GFT.

                    Lower participation aint always a negative. Be glad this place not flooded by FB 10/22 owners.

                    And yes, RFC is a joke anymore.


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                      The one thing I cant stand on forum or in real life is men acting like women....playing " cute ". Snarky little you know whats.

                      Like theyre James Comey.

                      I'll call it out on forum or in the team meeting at work. Folks being wrong isnt the problem. Its their attitude.

                      Thinly veiled as being mannered.

                      CNN liberal nonsense it is.

                      Like Joy Behar on The View.....but maybe less nasal.

                      I had college professors like that, believed their own BS because students told them what they wanted to hear for the grade.


                      Little people in character and mind, dont care what sheepskins they have. Hell, they act same as union stewards.

                      Arrogant and clueless.

                      But only in their imaginary world.
                      Most become forum moderators.
                      Internet pseudo cops.


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                        Another possible reason for the low traffic

                        We dont have Redbull chugging adrenaline junkies on TV telling people to come here.

                        F&S are probably seen, right or wrong, as being " old school ".


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                          Originally posted by CD2 View Post
                          Another possible reason for the low traffic

                          We dont have Redbull chugging adrenaline junkies on TV telling people to come here.

                          F&S are probably seen, right or wrong, as being " old school ".
                          ......”Redbull chugging adrenaline junkies....” !

                          The very reason I quit watching hunting shows on TV ! One can see more nonsense in 39 1/2 seconds to last a life time ! With most of the shows, I am not sure the combined IQ of all participants would measure more than 70. There is one that I do get a giggle out of though, that being the “Pig Man” !!


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                            I watch Youtube.
                            A lot.
                            Music and other.
                            Hunting stuff its Fieldsports Britain, Leatherwood Outdoors, and The Hunting Public.
                            i even got the ol lady to watch two full episodes of Field Sports Britain last night.
                            Its very well done and mellow, and has a bit of charm.
                            Good stuff.
                            Was driven pheasant and wild boar w Andy Crow.
                            ​​​​​​​of course the ol lady liked the clothing and says i gotta dress a bit differently....ouch.


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                              Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_3218.JPG Views:	0 Size:	1.41 MB ID:	719378 ​ CD, Did you ever watch Tred Barta years ago. Anything outdoors and he was there.
                              For RFC you have to own a CZ or they won't talk to you.
                              I used to like the NRA history and gun collector shows but did not care for the characters. And Lee Ermey was always entertaining. And of course Mash was my favorite series. When I was in we had tents that were much bigger and better equipped than Mash. I was in charge, among other things, of running the 150kw (if I remember) Cummins 6-71 diesel generator. I even have it listed on my vehicle drivers license along with 40' semi and of course 'cracker boxes' Memories.
                              Well, like me my license is too faded to read




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