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    After being described as clinically obese, Trump tweeted this picture of himself, without comment.
    He apparently has a sense of humor, but I suppose many in his base will take it seriously.


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      Well, I just got another email from Trump, and here are the opening paragraphs:

      I need you right now. The Lamestream media and their corrupt Democrat Partners are leading a WITCH HUNT against me and we need to absolutely CRUSH them and their IMPEACHMENT dreams.

      Each day, my team has given me a list of Americans who have contributed to help CRUSH our November End-of-Month goal, and each day, I've noticed YOUR NAME is MISSING from that list.



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        Schiff & Co falling for Russian trap!


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          Here is the handwriting on the wall:


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            I just got another email from Donald Trump.
            He really sounds desperate.

            I emailed you.

            My sons, Don Jr. and Eric, both emailed you.

            Lara Trump emailed you.

            Newt Gingrich emailed you.

            My campaign manager, Brad Parscale, emailed you.

            Trump Finance Team emailed you.

            Now I'm emailing you. Again.

            My team has been sending me daily updates with a list of every patriotic supporter who has stepped up to help us reach our November fundraising goal.

            I just looked at today's list and noticed that your name is still MISSING. Why is that?

            How does he get any work done?
            Last edited by 99explorer; 12-02-2019, 01:04 AM.


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              (D)'s getting "frustrated"?


              (D)'s ready to quit impeachment!

              Last edited by FirstBubba; 12-02-2019, 03:05 PM.


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                Bubba both your sources score down in the crazy zone. I've read ok things on Red State but I sure wouldn't want to make a habit of it. Next I'd be thinking Putin is Mother Teresa's long lost brother and born again to boot. Space alien territory. Town Hall took me all of 30 seconds to get down below the photo to the outright falsehoods. Why not get a subscription to the Wall Street Journal. The New York Post is free online and had an article today on the impeachment from the Republican perspective. It's possible to be conservative media without being a fabricator.


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                  rock rat
                  I don't remember asking you to critique the links and their veracity isn't for you to decide.

                  Besides, you've already stated you never read my links, so what difference does it make to you?


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                      Read a very interesting report on the news this AM by Pelosi, where she stated it was necessary to carry out impeachment of Trump “before the vote of the people determine his fate.” So we now learn that the people are not to be involved in our government, only the dimwits to determine who will be involved!

                      ”Before the vote of the people determine his fate”

                      Now, if that doesn’t scare the hell out of “the people”, it sure as hell should !!


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                        BHR - That quotation attributed to Nancy Pelosi comes from a false tweet by Donald Trump.



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                          Start at the 50.40 mark


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                            Some differences with the Trump scandal:
                            A. Biden was VP. Trump is president.
                            B. Biden was talking about a loan guarantee, not a money appropriation.
                            C. Biden merely threatened. Trump actually withheld the money.
                            D. Biden wanted a corrupt prosecutor removed. Trump wanted foreign election meddling, which is a federal crime.
                            E. We don't know if Biden's tale is accurate. Trump's scandal is.

                            Furthermore, it would not excuse Trump's crime that other criminals may have escaped punishment. Common logic.
                            Last edited by 99explorer; 12-03-2019, 05:08 PM.


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                              Well the final report is in, and even without the testimony of John Bolton, Mike Pompeo and Mick Mulvaney, the evidence of guilt is overwhelming.





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