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  • Gone in 30 seconds!

    Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT), in 30 seconds, blew Amb Yovanovitchs' testimony out of the water.
    The revelation is that all Yovanovitch had to say was, "Orange Man Bad" (not a crime!) and, "Oh, poor pitiful me!" (also not a crime!)
    A Schiff & Co "dog & pony" show.
    AND.... I really don't think Ms. Yovanvitch is that easily intimidated.
    Who would want a foreign service officer, especially an ambassador, that can be so easily intimidated?

    The question is, "Will the (D)'s ever tire of showing their stupidity?"
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    Ambassador Yovanovitch left the room to standing ovation.


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      Originally posted by 99explorer View Post
      Ambassador Yovanovitch left the room to standing ovation.
      And I am sure that was the entire purpose of the entire sham. It certainly provided no other reason for her to waste the time. But then, it would not take much to make a feeble mind think that the occurrence was of enough importance to make a post on as you thinking it was necessary ! Get a life
      Last edited by bowhunter75richard; 11-16-2019, 12:17 PM.


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        Here is an excxerpt from an article in The Daily Beast that explains the ambassador's role in this unfolding drama. Far from being the "star witness" that the Trumpsters have called her, she was just a victim of the "irregular" State Dept. practices employed in Ukraine.
        She was seen as an impediment to Trump's agenda for the Biden investigation.

        Yovanovitch, a career diplomat, was not a witness to most of the events, in the summer and fall of 2019, that Democrats consider impeachable. Instead, she is a unique figure in the unfolding story of the Trump administration’s pressure campaign on Ukraine: its casualty.

        Beset by an onslaught of character assassination for being an obstacle to an agenda she did not understand, one advanced by agents of her own president, Yovanovitch exemplified a side of a shadow foreign-policy effort that was not merely “irregular,” as her successor in Kyiv, Bill Taylor, testified Wednesday, but cruel. To marginalize the regular diplomatic channel, one that supported Ukraine out of a sense it served U.S. interests rather than parochial benefit to Trump, Rudy Giuliani and his allies made Yovanovitch collateral damage.
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          Whatever the outcome, sad to say, the GOP will pay a price on election day:


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            I got another email this morning begging for more money, this time from Eric Trump.
            Chip off the old block.
            Speaking of the impeachment inquiry, he says there is not a person in America that believes this nonsense. His TV must be permanently stuck on the Fox News channel.




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