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    Originally posted by 99explorer View Post
    NRA is headquartered in Virginia.
    Then we could turn the Hq. into the Command Center.


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      The worst part will be the redistricting for the 2020 election - D's will have complete control.

      Northam is the Gov. that puts the new baby on the table and then talks to the woman if it should live or die. What a guy.


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        Originally posted by 99explorer View Post

        BHR - Perhaps you failed to notice in the Ukraine incident that that Donald Trump always does what is best for Donald Trump.

        In that regard, we are fortunate that he is a gun owner.

        Got it?
        ....”Got it”,,,,, ?

        Yeah, I got it ! I got it that you are a petty little man(?) that is two faced with no standards of loyalty ! You have bad mouthed our president in order not to be connected with any of his actions, just to show that YOU are above it all. Then you claim it is fortunate for US that he is a gun owner ! Now you pull him from under the bus and claim him as your own !!

        GOT IT ???




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