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  • When all this crap is over:
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    ...and in Nov 2020

    ​ ​​​​​You lib dweebs are gonna be crying like babies! LMBO!!!

    Not only that, Trump has not been impeached....YET!
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    • Don't know what will happen but Dems will be in trouble as long as he is President until Jan 2020.


      • Impeached or "under impeachment," Trump is living under "the sword of Damocles."

        For Cicero, the tale of Dionysius and Damocles represented the idea that those in power always labor under the specter of anxiety and death, and that “there can be no happiness for one who is under constant apprehensions.” The parable later became a common motif in medieval literature, and the phrase “sword of Damocles” is now commonly used as a catchall term to describe a looming danger. Likewise, the saying “hanging by a thread” has become shorthand for a fraught or precarious situation. One of its more famous uses came in 1961 during the Cold War, when President John F. Kennedy gave a speech before the United Nations in which he said that “Every man, woman and child lives under a nuclear sword of Damocles, hanging by the slenderest of threads, capable of being cut at any moment by accident or miscalculation or by madness.”


        • Originally posted by rock rat View Post
          Today didn't go well.

          The transcripts of the phone call are fairly dambing, even with half of the words redacted. Trump had a press conference and looked pretty bad. Monotone, low voice, looked tired, stuffing knocked out. We'll see how he bounces back.

          They aren't going to vote on anything until after the inquiry. Today also the whistle blower complaint was handed over. The tendency is to circle the wagons in Republican land, but then there is senator Romney, and also Sasse who sits on the intelligence committee who said obviously there is some "there there" after reading the whistle blower's complaint.

          And who is the whistle blower? Someone, probably NSA, taking contemporaneous notes. Probably someone aware that he is taking a very big chance.

          I used to pay attention to who was advocating impeachment over the Putin stuff and paying off the porn star, making money off hotels, etc. Lots of stuff that qualified for impeachment before, but silly to suggest. We have a very corrupt government, to my mind Trump had only been doing what is a regular thing in our corrupted govt. A lot of level headed Democrats publicly ruled impeachment off the table. Today quite a few of them changed their minds.

          Things have gotten more serious in the past 24 hours. I follow Trump on Twitter, last 30 something hours have been different, lots of retweeting of supporters or denials by others. Usually he is about 1 retweet out of 20 maybe.

          I think they have the votes to impeach as of tonight, they should go through the process though and let it all come out. The senate probably won't convict, and Clinton was re elected after being impeached, but the reasons for impeachment are different. Clinton perjured about an extramarital affair. Trump pressured a foreign head of state with military aid to dig up 10 year old dirt that didn't exist on a political rival.

          Wish I had time to watch it all.


          • Acquitted, with the stain of impeachment on his record, which is killing him.




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