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  • Nobody has mentioned "ballot harvesting".
    Several races that went (R) in Californicate were overturned to (D) after harvested ballots were counted.

    ​​​​​​​"... Ballot harvesting is the collecting and submitting of absentee or mail-in voter ballots by volunteers or workers. It occurs in some areas of the U.S. where voting by mail is common, but is illegal in some other states. ..."


    • The biggest issue in America regarding race is still the fact the black community is holding slavery of some 200 years ago as a chip on their shoulder ! Their ‘hate’ of whites for the past has abated 0% over time. Many blacks will not become educated in a white world as they do not want to be called ‘uncle Tom’s’ and be considered accepting ‘whities’ principals. They speak of ‘equality’ but will not undertake the responsibility of achieving it. Black unemployment is blamed on ‘racism’ and not on being unemployable as a result of being uneducated ! Even after two terms as President of a black man, blacks still claim America as a racist country. With blacks at some 12-15% of the population, just who in hell do they think voted in a black person ? The race issue in America is brought about by black’s own contribution to the problem of their white hatred which only builds a wall between the races. Are all blacks to be painted with the same brush ? Of course not...........but too many fall into this scenario ! Education is the answer, but there are too many mental midgets listening to, and getting information from other mental midgets ! Without education, it is not possible to be able to understand facts from BS ! Become educated and join the world, quit blaming all issues on ‘whitey’ !!!!


      • Investigations after 2016 found some 3 million illegal votes were cast. Trump thinks it is more like 6 million.


        • jh, with all due respect that's simply not true, and I'd urge you not to repeat it. Trump won by the rules we play by here even though Clinton got a couple million more votes. Ice reports 19 illegal aliens voted.

          Bowhunter a demographic change that has shown up across many different sources and is confounding to many is that white liberals feel warmer towards illegal immigrants than Hispanic people do, more supportive of affirmative action for black people than black people are. Where I live we all seem to get along ok. We are maybe more Hispanic in my town than many places but mostly people who came up 50 years ago to work the mines just as the Italians and everyone else did.

          Bubba my whole state is vote by mail. Makes things easier. The only case I heard of harvesting was in NC, I know CA takes forever to count votes, we count them as they come in and post the results, so we know what voters to contact to urge them to mail in the ballots. I think it's illegal most places to handle anyone's ballot, they have to mail it themselves.

          Putin also made quite an effort to swing our election to Trump. End of the day, Trump won by the rules we play by. America is famous for having a pretty bad system of voting.

          Now about that impeachment......


          • The polls indicate that about 10% of Republican voters are in favor of impeachment, and they are taking out advertising.

            Last edited by 99explorer; 12-12-2019, 12:52 PM.


            • The "libs" fave poll, Quinnipiac, is now showing 51% of voters (not likely voters) are against impeachment and Trump's approval rating is now 46%.
              That's even higher than BHO at the same exact point in their respective terms.

              Poor old Dems don't stand a chance in 2020!


              • I don't think public sentiment about impeachment is important until it reaches a point where it would influence the way congress votes. I don't see any movement whatsoever amongst politicians. 1 out of 5 twitter users follow Trump, no Republican wants that aimed at their re election. Things might change, but for now it all looks static.

                As for electoral chances in 20, I tend to agree with you Bubba as far as President goes.


                • jhjimbo

                  Investigations after 2016 found some 3 million illegal votes were cast. Trump thinks it is more like 6 million.rat, your link is looney toons that only a lib moron would believe.

                  Regardless of what YOU "think" rock rat, voter fraud is much more prevalent and wide spread than you want others to "think"!

                  From past experience, racially specific neighborhoods can and do generate illicit votes through the indifference and/or political bias of poll watchers.

                  ....and least the world forget the Black Panthers and their intimidation tactics in the northeast!
                  Remember the video of them in action?
                  Remember Obama and Holder pooh-poohing it off as a "nothing burger"?

                  I do.


                  • The latest Reuters poll (12/11) shows Trump with a 41% approval rating, and 56% disapproval.
                    The latest Quinnipiac poll (12/10) shows Biden winning the general election with 51% of the vote , and Trump with 42%.

                    None of these polls take into account the future reaction of the public to the Senate impeachment proceedings.
                    Last edited by 99explorer; 12-12-2019, 01:08 PM.


                    • Here is a picture of the new billboard advertising, paid for by Republicans for the Rule of Law:


                      • Voter fraud and crap found mult places in state here. How much of it ignored since it wouldnt change the outcome? BTW...was all dirty Ds.

                        Thats just dead people voting or voting more than once.

                        Thats not ballota being stashed be in storage areas, car trunks.

                        LOL whole presincts voted 100% for Obama. Right.

                        Local election here....bunch of Hicks and urbans.....record turnout.
                        At 40%.

                        ​​​​​​People care more about what the hell somebody said on Facebook about em.


                        • With the hard core feelings of the D’s concerning Trump, I find it awfully hard to be convinced that they would not make every effort, including illegal voting tactics, to see him defeated. If they will go out of their way to drum up BS impeachment crap, should we believe that illegal balloting would be beyond them.....Really? There are too many nut cases leading that bunch of shysters to think that any factor wouldn’t be used to gain the WH ! With all the issues the D’s hope to impose on us, even those who hate Trump, better hope for his re-election !!


                          • BHR - The facts behind that "impeachment crap" you refer to illustrates the lengths that Trump will go to.


                            • If Trump had this kind of dirt on Joe Biden, it would be on the evening news:

                              Last edited by 99explorer; 12-12-2019, 05:00 PM.


                              • I think this is the portrait the Trump Foundation paid $10,000 for:




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