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Mandatory "buyback"

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  • Mandatory "buyback"

    Knew "Bozo" was just the beginning and I knew it wouldn't take long.
    Here's Kamala Harris plan..."IF" she's elected!

    Even if she's not elected POTUS, as a Senator, she'll push hard from that platform!

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    We know where the left is coming from, and we know a lot more about the "don't give an inch" side of the argument, but here is a take from an independent, one of those 40% of the voting public that decide the outcome of elections.
    Della Femina is an advertising executive who created the slogan. "Now, from those wonderful folks who gave you Pearl Harbor."

    Please note: I do not subscribe to his position.
    This is strictly FYI.
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      That was a slogan from 1969 when Toyota & Mitsubishi first came here! from the People who gave us Pearl Harbor #%$*@! JMO} 2 Bombs were not enough:-((


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        Here is Della Femina's political phosophy:

        I grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y., and I'm a great believer that you can't have too conservative a President nor too liberal a Supreme Court. So I'm a walking contradiction. I believe that you should try to really protect people's rights in every way, and also, people should be allowed to do what they do.
        Jerry Della Femina




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