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    BHR - We don't have to admire or even like an individual in a discussion about his attitude.
    Dispel your hatred and try to focus on the significnce of the topic under discussion.


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      Originally posted by 99explorer View Post
      BHR - We don't have to admire or even like an individual in a discussion about his attitude.
      Dispel your hatred and try to focus on the significnce of the topic under discussion.
      And this rebuff from falling off the ‘topic under discussion’ is coming from whom may I ask ? Certainly not the one who has never allowed any ‘topic’ to go to waste and not use it for whatever purpose needed to gain a post or two !!


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        Kaepernick has taken on the mantle of martyrdom in the name of the "black lives matter" movement, but I don't think he had any intention of sacrificing his football career in a noble gesture.
        I think he believed he could have it all, by demonstrating for his cause on company time, on company property and with very little effort on his part, while retaining his status as starting quarterback with a multi-million dollar salary.


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          I see we have close to 6,000 visitors to our humble forum today.
          I wonder what could be the subject of all this interest.


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            Kap, adopted by white folks, plays a game for millions and lectures others about championing media spun cases where the shootings were justified.


            There are no doubt bad shoots, and coverups.

            But one must ask the question..........why are so many being arrested/shot.
            It aint persecution.

            Some folks refuse to behave and as a result have more LE interaction.
            Prisons and cemetaries full of guys raised in single parent homes.

            75% out of wedlock birthrate.

            EMT guy said on another forum, when visiting projects for legit woman with health issues, that there would be one or two pregnant teens in the single moms home, drunk or high.

            Their kids are born disadvantaged because of drug abuse.
            Then there is the social structure that has no routine, kids pretty much running unchecked and a system that lets them, has no accountability.

            That's bad for any kid.
            But it seems to be the norm in certain subcultures.

            The kids fall behind quickly in school and just give up.
            And they end up in prison.

            Here, here is my shocked face.

            LOL, my kid was in HS play yrs ago. Found a pic of the cast.
            She laughed, black kid two down in in jail for murder.

            I didn't know any murderers in HS.
            Didn't have any classmates murdered.

            When your kid knows a half dozen shot and killed, and a couple in prison for doing similar..............and they're all black, when the blacks supposedly a minority............

            it aint white folks to blame.

            Got a single mom working w my ol lady. Her two sons, in jail for attempted murder.
            She stereotypical.......FMLA, or just doesn't show up for work. When there doesn't do the job, hides behind preaching about Jesus.

            She's either gaming or just plain stupid. Either way, no surprise her kids are in prison.


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              CD2 -
              Good post.
              And most of the Democratic candidates believe the black vote can be bought, judging by the popularity of "reparations" promises to the black community for the slavery endured by their ancestors.
              Last edited by 99explorer; 09-18-2019, 03:35 PM.


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                They think they are owed....but in accepting the democrat reparation and other freebie nonsense.....they are owned.

                Guess being a slave aint so bad.


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                  Id be for reparations actually. But the money would be given with had to cash the check across the pond and never could come back.


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                    Some people are just different. Often by choice. But there may be some cultural and or genetic reasons.

                    Education aint gonna make them think right.

                    Has been a waste of time energy and money. And has corrupted a once successful model.

                    Pat Buchanan had a good book on it.....Death of the west.

                    Liberals are miserable people. Theyd just as soon ruin this country, enslave the make them feel better about being void of character and soul.
                    Last edited by CD2; 09-18-2019, 05:35 PM.


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                      Reparation's for slaves but then a deduction for room and board they received. Also, reparation's to the ancestors of Union soldiers who fought for the freedom of slaves.


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                        99, I think I saw something about a contest in an e-mail. Always creates a lot of interest.


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                          Something to bear in mind... Consistently, for a couple of years now, the eight or so percent of Democrats who score on the far left side, have opinions left of most African Americans concerning race. So those candidates pandering on the subject of race are not trying to gain African American votes necessarily, they might well be seeking the "woke", highly educated, well to do, very white, side of the Democratic Party.

                          I think race is becoming less of an issue, except for some who might, ahem, be compensating.

                          Sometimes I'm envious of other multi ethnic multi racial countries where it's ok to make a joke, ok not to be PC, and everyone seems to get along fine.

                          People of different races are different. It's obvious to little children and people worldwide. We can accept our differences and treat each other with the respect that all human beings deserve.

                          Race is used as a cudgel, and people are rewarded for doing so. Many of our most famous racial incidents have proven not to be as was first assumed, like Michael Brown etc. After the grand jury result, Eric Holder the Attorney General who is a black guy, found no racism involved, I remember Obama going on TV and explaining that this is how we do things in the US. Innocent until proven guilty, and investigations to discover facts, and so on.

                          I think most Americans of whatever race are more alike than different.
                          Last edited by rock rat; 09-18-2019, 08:20 PM.


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                            There were no charges against zimmerman until holder/obama pushed for it.

                            And those two clowns did Fast n Furious which reportedly caused hundreds of deaths. But they were Mexicans.....nobody noticed until our border agents got shot. Guess black criminal lives matter but brown innocents across the border dont.

                            Multicultural? Hell we have jews spaniards germans greek and french in my family. I got stuck w foreigners in HS (checking us school system). Worked e people from all over the world after college.
                            Hunting buddys wife was muslim

                            Got no problem with other cultures. Do have a problem when others come here and refuse to assimilate.
                            Those that think this place owes them something and they by being merely a minority, have the right to take it.

                            They dont assimilate. They assassinate.

                            They dont want to be accepted. They want excepted.

                            Burns my arse when somebody calls themselves a "something- american".

                            Youre either an american, or not.

                            This " cant we all get along" crap doesnt cut it. Never will. The sacrifice of ones own country/ culture to play nice with strangers of ill will,...........who in the hell came up with that idea? What have they done so evil that they have to salve a wounded conscience?

                            Ignorant, or evil?


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                              Some people cannot think in a western way. They need to move someplace else.

                              There is a war being fought.

                              Bet your azz there is


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                                My grandparents came here to be americans. Contribute. Not take.
                                That used to be the norm....and why people came.

                                Something has changed globally and it aint for the better. And it sure as hell aint our fault.




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