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    I was once a successful HS wrestling coach but haven't been to a match in years. Several years ago the Montana state championship wrestling tournament for the smaller schools happened to take place in the town where I took a job with the Park Service while taking care of my mom during her final days with cancer. That would be twelve years ago, the summer I acquired Opal. I very much enjoyed taking that in. The sport had changed much since my days on the mat ... and for the better I think. Three years ago I also took in the state championship football game in the same little town (I go back there every fall to hunt birds). Small school eight-man football is fun to watch. Lots of action as the standard field has a lot more elbow room for the players. The local oil exploration company bought brand new aluminum bleachers for the occasion. They will last forever but sure to make that town, only a stone's throw from the Canadian border, the hemorrhoid capital of America. Anyway, only small town school athletic functions appeal to me and this city where I live is NOT small. Though my wife worked at the university here (where I also did my MA), I don't recall either of us ever going to an athletic function of any sort. Went to a couple of local semi-pro hockey games several years ago. Twice was enough. They serve beer in the arena and the ugly poor sportsmanship shown by the drunken crowd turned me off. I was once a fair ball player: good hitter (but not long ball) and excellent fielder, very fast base runner, but very weak throwing arm after the military injury to my wrist. I miss the summer league at the plant from the old days. A couple of local guys have encouraged me to join their "old persons" team (men and women). But retina detachments have left one eye inoperable. Playing catch with my grandson has been pretty much an exercise in futility. No depth perception. I could easily get hurt if someone threw a ball at me hard. Trying to hit a ball again would be downright embarrassing.


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      Was small growing up.
      Last picked all the time for BB.
      30 yrs ago did pick up in the park.

      Playing against strangers, some college guys (players)..........was pretty cool to be a reg and good enough to not be last pick.

      Played a couple years, then had knee issue that mandated layoff.

      Stepson and buds played HS. Asked me to play. Once. Smoked em LOL


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        Work has golf, softball and bowling leagues.
        No thanks.




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