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    Originally posted by jhjimbo View Post

    If he had a gun in the motel room in Texas maybe he would not have been found dead with a pillow over his head.
    No motel where Scalia was.
    He was in a hunting lodge in the middle of no-freakin'-where.
    Cibolo Creek Ranch about halfway between Marfa, TX and the Tex-Mex border.
    It's actually along the Vieja Rim.
    That's some of about the nastiest landscape in North America....also, some amazing hunting!
    Auodad, elk, desert mulies, white tails, black bear, cougar and javalina.
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      The hunting lodge owner who discovered Justice Scalia's body said the pillow was against the headboard, and "not over his face."


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        Scalia was in poor health and apparently decided against using his breathing machine while he slept. A handgun under the pillow would not have made a difference.


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          Why was he cremated before an autopsy ?? Very disturbing.


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            Jimbo, here's the 12 leading causes of death in the USA. Carrying that gun may make you feel better but you'll more likely increase your chances for living longer by taking care of your health.

            Don't get me wrong, I have smoke detectors in my house, wear a PFD when in a boat and conceal carry even in the Mall which has signs posted against weapons. But, I'm not going to let worry of a mass shooting take away my joy for living.


            1) Heart disease - 23.1%
            2) Cancer - 21.7%
            3) Accidents - 5.9%
            4) Chronic lower respiratory disease - 5.6%
            5) Stroke - 5.2%
            6) Alzheimer's - 4.2%
            7) Diabetes - 2.9%
            8) Influenza and pneumonia - 1.9%
            9) Kidney disease - 1.8%
            10) Suicide - 1.6%
            11) Septicemia - 1.4%
            12) Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis - 1.4%

            If you want to break it down by odds...




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