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    anybody worth $15.00 an hour is probably already making $15.00 an hour.

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      Good point


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        You guys sound like the Luddites in Oregon where they don't have self serve gas because it put gas pumpers out of work. I certainly don't need to buy a big mac from a live person, nor do I need to check out my stuff at Wally World with a cashier.

        Wages are determined by supply and demand. Import 12 million Mexicans and you increase the supply, ship 10 million jobs overseas and you end US manufacturing as well as the jobs that come with it. There are always jobs, you just don't' need to pay anything to get the workers. Amazon pays $15, and they get real good workers and treat them pretty well, but then they don't make enough to pay taxes, and we have to pay food stamps for them to survive, and they vote for wild politicians like Trump and Sanders because they are desperate.

        Eventually extreme inequality leads to extreme instability. Thirty dollar minimum makes a lot more sense to me.




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