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Another AR15 ban!

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  • Another AR15 ban!

    Justin Trudeau is pushing a plan to ban AR15's.
    As usual, there are other little goodies in the when a gun owner dies, their firearms are automatically surrendered to the government...AND NOT JUST AR15's!
    Your single shot .410 you wanted your grandson to have. The A5 Browning or Rem 870 you wanted to pass down to family or the old Springfield .30-06 your dad gave you.
    We shall see just how far Mr. Trudeau is able to take this ban.

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    Bubba, this is just a bunch of fear-mongering nonsense posted by a so called gun advocacy site. Total BS start to finish. The government sources who supposedly disclosed this secret plan are unnamed: red flag #1. Right now Justin Trudeau's government is wrestling with a HUGE public relations nightmare from another direction. He is certainly not interested in creating another one: red flag #2. The law does not allow the Prime Minister to simply ban guns outright. It does allow the Governor General to downgrade weapons from prohibited (like US, Canada prohibits fully auto guns or long rifles and shotguns with too short barrels except to certain select registered individuals) to restricted (handguns and ARs) or even to non-restricted (hunting/target rifles and shotguns). Maybe I'm reading it wrong but I see nothing in the legislative summary indicating the Governor General will have the authority to unilaterally upgrade guns to prohibited status. That would require Parliament amending the original act (like this bill does).

    Here's what Bill C-71 actually says. There is nothing about guns being confiscated from owners who die. That's crap!

    The most contentious parts of this bill were the revisions restoring some transport restrictions on restricted weapons. Those gun owners (handguns and ARs) are no longer allowed to drive around perpetually with these weapons in their vehicles claiming they are transporting to a gunsmith or gun show. Back to the old days where they must phone in to the police any time the guns are being moved from locked storage in home to another legal site (range, gun show, gunsmith, registered owner's change of residence). Restricted weapons are already so restricted that I really see this "revision" to be much ado about nothing.

    Lying bullsh*t posted by goofball "gun advocacy" sites like this one deserves our public derision. As responsible gun owners we need to be at the forefront of calling these jerks out. They make us lose credibility we desperately need in the fight to be a part of guiding responsible gun legislation.
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      Fore warned is fore armed, Honk.
      It may well all be "bunk", but if only a mere few lines are passed into law, it could be the straw that broke the camels back.
      Remember the old Chinese proverb, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."!

      Somebody dreamed up this garbage. Now there are grumblings. The murmur of a brook becomes a deafening roar after the rain.

      I probably wouldn't have put much credence in it, but Canada being our (sometimes unwilling!) neighbor and being socialist in nature, some of Canada's "gun control" offal, excites our liberal politicians into action.
      Already, we have (D)'s who are applauding Australia and the UK and are now envious of New Zealand's widening strides in gun control.

      Never say never, Honk. There are unseen forces at work.

      BTW! Good luck and good hunting on the "Dark Continent"!
      I hope all goes well for you.


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        Like Obama in the U.S., Trudeau is apparently THE best gun salesman in Canada! LOL!




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