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Happy Birthday, Joe Cuba!

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  • Happy Birthday, Joe Cuba!

    Wanna do something to brighten someone's day?

    Joe Cuba was born March 2, 1919.
    He is a WWII veteran and lives in an assisted living facility in Wichita Falls, Texas.
    When asked what he wanted for his 100th birthday, he said, "A hundred birthday cards!"
    They're coming in by the sackfuls!

    If you'd care to join in the fun, send him a card! ...or simply just a short note wishing him a "Happy 100th Birthday!".

    Joe Cuba
    918 Midwestern Pkwy
    Wichita Falls, Texas 76302

    Please include a return address or simply let him know what city and state the wish comes from!


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    Here is a picture of the gentleman. He doesn't look a day over ninety.


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      Originally posted by 99explorer View Post
      Here is a picture of the gentleman. He doesn't look a day over ninety.
      Thanks for posting his picture, 99.
      I didn't even think of a picture.


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        For those of you who may be interested, Mr. Joe Cuba had a fantastic birthday party today!
        Birthday card (note) count is 60K+ and counting!




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