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Where is the best place to hunt mule deer in idaho in unit 71?

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  • Where is the best place to hunt mule deer in idaho in unit 71?

    Where is the best place to hunt mule deer in idaho in unit 71?

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    On the back side of the ridges of road hunters.

    If you kick up a Mule Deer, stay still and silently get into position. If he isn’t really spooked, he will stop just before going over the hill and give you a beautiful broadside shot!
    If hunting a ridgeline, I prefer the ridges that run east to west or on the Westside of the mountauin. Walk on the north side of the ridge with the direction of the ravines you can glass all the way down from the top. Then at the end of the ridge cross over to the southern side and start walking back.

    BE READY!!!

    This is where the action begins!!

    If you’re on the east side of a mountain reverse the directions I’ve given


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      Thanks buddy im only 13 so i still need a little help with my hunting skills


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        Mule Deer are the dandiest critter. In the evening glass the hill sides and in the mornings get high and watch the foot hills and down in the flats.

        The Caribou Forest area and around Keenan City area looks pretty good

        GOOD LUCK!
        WISH I WUZ DAR!!

        Only 13??? LOL!!!!

        Good grief dar Charlie Brown, when I was 13 I was packing a Military Remington Rand 03-A3 30-06 loaded with Hornady 130 grain with 54 grains of IMR4064.
        I still have that old rifle!!!
        Dad and I got picked for an Elk hunt including three other hunters one of them was my Fathers Squadron Commander from his work from Davis Monthan Air Force Base Arizona. We hunted just off the east side of the Indian Reservation fence line along a train track near Maverick. Now remember I was just 13 just like you and his Commander said if anyone got an Elk it would be split in 4 ways and little Clay didn’t count! My Mother said, if Clay gets an Elk, he doesn’t have to share it right? I remember the Colonel got very nervous and everyone busted up laughing because everyone knew I can shoot just as good if not better than them especially at long range.

        My Father taught me well He did!


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          Good Luck young man!


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            Good Luck young man!




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