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    Ive never heard of the 930 but my Dad has the 935 and its junk.


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      The 935 shoots magnums too, which can cause problems. From what I've heard, the 930 is more reliable. If I were to buy a semi auto, for the price I'd get the Franchi Affinity. Very reliable and durable if you're taking it waterfowl hunting. For shotguns I try to stay in the Italian side of things, even if they aren't built there anymore. By that I mean Benelli/Franchi/Stoeger. If you want to go less expensive than the Franchi, which I understand, I'd pick up a used Remington 1100 because everyone and their mom has one, or a Browning A5 for the same reason. That being said, I will be hunting with an O/U this duck season. Yes, O/U's do kick harder than semi autos, but there has never been a time when I've used the 3rd shot from a semi. I've hunted at many, many different duck camps, and I've yet to see someone effectively utilize that 3rd shot in less the time it would have taken them to just pop another shell in. Cheers


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        1100 for all the reasons mentioned above, though I'd certainly entertain the 1187 if I was looking for a 3'' chamber. After picking up my father's Franchi 48, I must say that if I walked many( more than I do) miles hunting birds, that gun might tempt me.


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          I'll second the endorsement of the Franchi Affinity. Mine is relatively new, with only a few shots through it, but it has handled both magnum waterfowl loads and light dove loads with no problems and its a pleasure to handle. It essentially has the same action as the Benelli but -- getting to your best value question -- you're not paying Benelli prices.




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