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Ok so being I'm a teenager, I have a facebook and I use it alot. I also have many friends, yet on memorial day, not a single one

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  • Ok so being I'm a teenager, I have a facebook and I use it alot. I also have many friends, yet on memorial day, not a single one

    Ok so being I'm a teenager, I have a facebook and I use it alot. I also have many friends, yet on memorial day, not a single one of them mentioned anything about the troops. This made me pretty angry that they were just treating it like any other day. I actually personally thanked the troops (and watched a few war movies on AMC). You guys know how stupid we teenagers are, so my question for all of you (please censor your words Clay) is; what say you?

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    I am a teenager too. I think it's sad that no one values our troops anymore. They at least deserve a simple "thank you" for giving their lives in a country far away. What do they get instead? Many of them are sent to court for "ROE"(Rules of engagement)violations. The media constantly downplays or even ignores their successes.


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      I agree with rocket man, I too am a teenager. Our troops need more recognition, and support.


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        God bless you all for remembering. Many adults as well as young people don't know nor do they care what the day is about. Talk to your friends and encourage them to remember.


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          While Memorial Day is one of the 365 days we should honor our troops, it is not dedicated to those currently serving. It is a day to honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our liberty and freedom.

          Armed Forces Day (2 weeks ago) and Veteran's Day in November are specific holidays honoring those who serve or have served.

          Sadly 60256, you are right. Memorial Day is just a day off from work and an excuse for a barbeque for many. Thank you for bringing this up and remembering our troops. I served 22 1/2 years and sometimes wish I could have done more....


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            My Army career lasted 20 years and 14 days. WA Mtnhunter said it well. Beekeeper, rocketman, and rserwe44 thanks.


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              Sometimes I don't mind. I would rather have a few people say truly heartfelt words than have people feel forced to.

              Kind of like being told to write your aunt Martha to thank her for the Christmas underwear. You don't want to, but everybody will either yell at you or generally think less of you until you do.

              A lot of quotes, and ceremonies this weekend are really by rote. Obama will go to Arlington and put a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Did he really want to? What did he do 5 years ago, before he was running for president? Anybody know?

              They still called us "babykillers" when I first got to Pendleton as a PFC. The last time, though, there were people lining the road cheering. The irony is not lost on me.

              But I want to state my respect for all those who have "seen the elephant", and all those who could have.


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                Todays youth is a bit out of touch, and has a bogus sense of entitlement. Good for you 60256 for recognizing our heroes on the day we should all thank a Vet,...all of them actually. Thanks to all who serve(d).


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                  “Military pay has been allowed to lag behind to the point where career enlisted men with families to feed have been forced to resort to food stamps.”
                  -Thomas Sowell, of the Manchester Union-Leader, 1999-Mar-16, “Clinton has undermined military”

                  please censor your words Clay ?
                  and with that statement?
                  Liberals come to mind

                  Yesterday I heard the phrase

                  “Have a happy Memorial Day!”

                  What’s next?

                  Freedom freeloaders!


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                    Steve182, I disagree with part of what you said. While some youth are definatly out of touch with reality, many are not. A few clear examples are the teenagers that have commented on this question.


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                      first i want to say thank you to all the troops!!!! second i think it is not just kids who need to learn more abuot memorial day


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                        Just about everyone is out of touch!

                        If you can see what comes across my desk and on the phone will make your blood boil!
                        Listen folks, thanks for all the thanks, but what us Vets really need is people start calling the Congressman and Senators and reform the Veterans Administration. The VA knows what our troops need yet they knowingly look the other way. Did you know that one of the leading causes for Veterans to get AIDS and Hepatitis C is from VA Hospital and Clinics not to count what happened in service! Yet nothing has been done to identify which Vets have been infected. If it was Union workers or Postal Employees they would be aggressively doing something about it.

                        Don’t just thank us

                        Call you Congressmen and Senators!!!!

                        Del in KS, have you been checked for Hepatitis C? I’m not joking here Son!


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                          Tell them that if not for (us)Vet's they would be speaking 1)German, 2)Japanese
                          There would be no "face-book" or any "personal" freedoms of any kind AT ALL !!!.
                          Try that for a start. Oh, and tell them that when they see someone in uniform. GO SAY THANK YOU !!!!


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                            Clay, what exactly do you do?


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                              I feel pretty dumb right now, and Maybe its because we don't celebrate Memorial Day ( we have remebrance day, nov. 11th) but what and when exactly is it?
                              Like what is the history of it and such.





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