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Did anyone catch the latest on one of our college athlete's dumb moves. Heishman(sp) winner Winston took a "selfie" of himself o

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    There is an old saying. People thinking that you are stupid till, you open your mouth and prove it. The Internet has offered to some the option to expand their audience exponentially.


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      TbN My guess is you like your Clams and Oysters long time dead. Risky business!


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        Sounds like this genius will fit right in when he gets into the National Felony League, and gets a few pointers. Until then, he is just imitating our beloved Capon-in-Chief and a few other lesser known politicians, actors, celebs, and nobodies, takin' a few selfies.


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          It is not fair to compare all Heisman trophy winners with OJ or Winston.

          Many Heisman Trophy were smart law abiding citizens who were successful in life.

          Auburn’s Heisman Trophy Winner Quarterback Cam Newton will lead the Carolina Panthers offense today against the San Francisco 49ers.


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            sorry forgot "Winners"


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              WAM -

              Short Bus!

              Gary -

              Ah cain't wait to see whut he duz next.

              With the eyes of the nation upon him, he erases any dignity associated with the Trophy.

              It will now be a social requirement to upstage him, for football players and the general public as well.

              The ,message is, "Ah may rod onna short bus, and Ah cain't talk too good, butt Ah kin make evvabuddy watch me sheeit!"

              Butt Ah lub to here im tawk, fur some reason.


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                Black Dawg- Twitter from the $h!tter" would be the appropriate caption...


                • #23
                  Pray-hunt-work -

                  Sumtimes, ye do have a way with wordz!

                  Also, Ah will take this opportunity to make it plain why Ah talks like this and why Ah lubz to hear Bro Winston tawk...

                  What color izza Black Dawg?



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                    The problem with these phones, 'puters, e-mails, and such is that people/kids/teens can fire off a bad photo or a dumb/vicious comment before they can see how foolish it really is.Years ago, if I said something stupid, I'd get a dirty look or something from a loved one or friend and if I was smart,it died there. Now the whole world knows before you have the brains to put the brakes on. Which tells us the old rules still hold. I'll bet that athlete regrets it now.


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                      I know a pisser when I see one.

                      And that blackdawgz is a pisser!


                      • #26
                        You mean "Scam" Newton! LOL!

                        Thugz for the highest bidder! ROTF


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                          I must add that the NFL and NBA have cut to the chase and are now recruiting directly from Africa (where I reside). Think you have difficulty deciphering Jameis' chin music? These guys speak Swahili!Thought I saw Happy Myles leading some NBA scouts to a neighboring Watusi village...


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                            Get back on your meds.




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