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Who do you like in tomorrow's NFC Championship Game between the Seattle Seahawks and New Orleans Saints? Seattle is an eight or

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  • Who do you like in tomorrow's NFC Championship Game between the Seattle Seahawks and New Orleans Saints? Seattle is an eight or

    Who do you like in tomorrow's NFC Championship Game between the Seattle Seahawks and New Orleans Saints? Seattle is an eight or nine point favorite largely because of their notoriously aggressive pass defense. I look for Seattle to commit a record number of defensive holding and pass interference fouls and get away with it, because the officials are hesitant to throw flags in playoff games. Watch for it early in the game as they test the tolerance of the officials.

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    In their regular season meeting in week 13, New Orleans scored only one touchdown, losing to Seattle by a score of 34-7.
    New Orleans can win this one by running a lot of slant-and-go routes and other patterns that involve their receivers making cuts to hamper the Seahawks' ability to get their hands on the receivers.
    It would also help if the officials did their job.
    I like New Orleans.


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      I don't know, Saints looked pretty disorganized against the Eagles last week, but the Seahawks didn't look great in their last few games either, I'm thinking whoever makes the least mistakes wins this one. (Or whoever gets the fewest bad calls!)


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        This time of year, it is tough to guess. I still think the Seahawks are one of the top teams. If they continue to play like they have most of the season, they will take it. Drew Breeze can be phenomenal too but they don't have a great record playing outside the dome. I'll have to say the Seahawks are most likely to win but hope the Saints win.


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          99explorer, the NFC Championship Game is next week between the winners of Seahawks/Saints vs. Panthers/49ers. This game is called a wildcard match up.

          I like the Seattle Seahawks minus eight because of five reasons.

          1. Seahawks are on their home field.

          2. Seahawks had a week to rest.

          3. Seahawks smoked the Saints this year by a large margin.

          4. Seahawks Wide Receiver Percy Harvin is back from an injury.

          5. Seahawks will have a twelfth man with 68,000 Wacko Seahawk fans screaming at the top of their lungs.

          My last two predictions were college teams from Alabama and I was wrong on both so if the Seahawks are from Alabama all bets are off. LOL

          I’m only joking Alabama People and Fans!


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            Gary - Sorry. I meant to say "NFC Playoff Game."
            There is a 100% chance of rain for this event, which might complicate our calculations.


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              I like the Saints....But I think the Seahawks will own the Night by 7+Pt.


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                Ah like the Aints cuz Ah used to live down there. Been here twenty yearz now, so Ah gotta go with the 'Hawks.


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                  This site must be giving you a heck of a time bayouwulf/bayouwoof?


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                    Well I'm going for New Orleans but that is mostly because I'm a 9ers fan and if NO wins we get to play them at home.


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                      M.A.T. -

                      these fine folks are supposed to be "Hunterz."

                      Hunterz cuss at deer camp and duck camp as an expression of machizmo.

                      Many are henpecked weenies who want to strut and act like they wear the pants indy fambly.

                      Otherz know thet cussin izzan art form..

                      Woof would be accepted at any camp.

                      It tickles me.

                      It appears as if someone has taken some of those little blue pillz you see advertized in Feelie/Scream manglezine and has gone off on a fault-findin expedition.

                      Ah think Ah hold the record for being ejected from this site the most timez.

                      Gotta be a pantywaist.

                      A few years ago, blackdawgz wuz much more aggressive and the readerz took a vote.

                      blackdawgz won it by 200 for to 6 against.

                      Gotta be some anal retentive pantywaist/megalomaniac/sociopath who thinks he's doing the world a favor and iz expectin to git gear azza reward fur his spineless backstabbing.

                      Most of us just come here to @ss around wit our huntin buddies and have a little light humour.

                      Sum folks can't stand to see otherz havin a good time and are bitter and paranoid and expect otherz to exhibit the same personality traitz

                      They're not happy until evvabuddy's as miserable as they are...

                      Butt it reminds me of when Ah wuz working fur the Air Force developing smart bombz...

                      The warheadz wood strip a 5-ton truck down to the bare frame and rip the flesh offa enny human being nearby, butt ye betta not say "shoot" or "heck.!."


                      Butt you know how to handle this as well as I.

                      Clay did it first by changing his username and password after having a pissing contest with what's his face and publishing that person's personal information online.

                      Too much testosterone, butt evvabuddy should have taken thet into account before they logged on.

                      It wuz all in good fun..

                      Butt evvabuddy knowed who it wuz cuz the name sounded much the same az before andy righting style wuz unmistakable..

                      Butt Ah'm like you, only instead of two, there's five of us!

                      Learned it from the feelie-scream staph righters.

                      Ah only encourage creative righting and deliver information based upon personal experience and add a little salt to it.

                      Idiots can give me minus ones, butt sumbuddy will be inspired to be more imaginative and eloquent, and otherz will benefit from mah lifetime of hunting and fishing and dawgz as a way of life.

                      It don't mean nuthin.

                      Just a little creative expression.

                      There isn't enny gear or an Easter bunny, and nobuddy's gonna git appointed to site murderator.




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                        Excuse me.

                        Not two, butt three!


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                          Game over. New Orleans lost, 23-15.
                          They were so disorganized that it looked like they had not practiced during the week.


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                            Star of the game was the Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch.

                            Saints pass defense did well but their run defense was lousy.

                            Drew Brees didn't start hitting his receivers till the fourth quarter.




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