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A gang of outlaws just robbed your bank, stole your favorite horse, and insulted your favorite lady. Out of all the characters

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    "indian played by Chas. Bronson - that be "Chato", as in the movie, "Chato's Land". Mean little SOB!
    Cheyenne - Clint Walker (size!)
    Lucas McCain - Chuck Conners (fire power)
    Paladin - Richard Boone (quiet, intelligent, efficient)
    Jacob McCandles (Big Jake) - John Wayne (big, bull headed and just out and out ornery!)
    Richard Boone in "Big Jake" - "I thought you were dead?"
    John Wayne as "Big Jake" - "Next SOB tells me that, I'm gonna kill 'im!"
    ...and last but not least, Festus Hagen - Ken Curtis (comic relief, a whole lot smarter than folks thought!)
    Yeah, the Sackett boys would be welcome! long as they bring Ben Johnson!


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      The 3 Sackett Brothers John Wayne Clint Eastwood


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        First Bubba -

        Ken Curtis was actually a handsome leading man back in the day. A great actor. The essence of toughness. My favorite line is,"If ye're feelin froggy, jis hop on!"


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          Nolan and Logan Sackett (Clinch mountain sacketts were outlaws and toughest of them all.)

          Tell Sackett (played by Sam Elliot)

          Myself and

          Josey Wales (I liked his determination, all try and no quit)

          (I like the references to Echo Sackett, she'd be welcome company. But don't you think maybe Ange could give some good survivalist skills during the revenge spree?


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            If Cheyenne Bodie had a mean streak he'd be welcome company, he appeared to be a mountain of a man.


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              First Bubba -

              Yeah, Ah liked Charles Bronson in "Hard Times."

              And Sam Elliott in "Roadhouse."

              Them boyz could whoop!

              Couldn't remember Clint Walker's name.

              How bout some Chinese asskickin?

              Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Heyboy.

              Heyboy put on a demo in a Paladin show and it may have gone a long way to popularize Kung Fu.

              Yeah, how about Kung Foo hissef,David Carradine?


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                Also, Ah liked Patrick Swayze in "Roadhouse." One of the best linez indy movie wz when he took a knife out of a guy's hand and escorted him out the door and one bar patron said to another, "He has to carry his ballz inna dump truck."


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                  So I guess you've had a second account deleted bayouwoof. And I like your profile picture by the way.


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                    Charlie Chan
                    Bulldog Drummond
                    Boston Blackie
                    Ellery Queen
                    Sam Spade
                    Sherlock Holmes
                    Now that's a Crew U can't Beat...Old School!!


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                      B. Wylde
                      Ken Curtis also sang with "Sons of the Pioneers". (tenor?)
                      My fave "Festus" line was when Marshall Dillion asked Festus if he could accomplish a particular task.
                      "It can be did, Matthew!"
                      Chester Goode - Dennis Weaver

                      How 'bout Rin-Tin-Tin? ...Bullet?
                      Fury sure helped Joey and Jim out of lots of jams! LOL!
                      Pat Brady and "Nellie Belle"? (for all you youngsters, Nellie Belle was a Jeep!)


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                        Texan -

                        Ah hear he'll be back,


                        Yeah, thet's a good lookin Dawg.

                        Therza lotta good icon material in "How to draw a..."


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                          First Bubba -


                          Follow the link:



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                            Thanks for all the answers; that was fun. And I daresay that those outlaws (if any survive) will steer clear of F and S Crossing from here on in.


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                              How about a REAL WESTERN LAWMAN: Bill Tilghman.


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                                Rocky you said a mouth full.




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