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Who is going to win the Sugar Bowl tonight? Guesses are welcome:)

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  • Who is going to win the Sugar Bowl tonight? Guesses are welcome:)

    Who is going to win the Sugar Bowl tonight? Guesses are welcome

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    The University of Alabama's hired thugs from out of state will whoop Oklahoma's hired thugs from out of state thoroughly. Mebbe 56-34.

    During the last televised game, the announcer stated that 29 of the Bama players were actually from Alabama. Last I heard, they had 60 players in uniform. I can guess which 29 will watch the game from the bench.

    I am obligated to watch it, since I gotta degree from there. Hope they don't stink it up like last time against RedNeck Tech!


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      With the Crimson Tide being a 17 point favorite, that would be my guess, as well.



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            Baylor was a 17 point favorite over Central Florida last night and came up short.


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              I loved the Rose Bowl game between Stanford and Michigan State down to the final minute. Number four ranked Michigan State is ready to move up in the ranking after beating Stanford.
              The only problem is Alabama is too good to get caught with their pants down a second time.

              Somebody has to pay for the Bama mistakes made during the Auburn game and for failing to win their third Championship this year.
              The Tide will take its vengeance and retaliation out on the Sooners by a 30 point landslide.

              Sarge, if Alabama loses tonight, it will be like the "Miracle On ice" when the Soviet Red Army Hockey team lost to the USA Hockey team made up by a bunch of college students.


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                Auburn should not even be in the BCS Championship. They beat Georgia on a fluke of a poorly thrown ball that even the sports pundits have shown in computer graphics that it would have been impossible to catch. Even if they beat Bama fair and square, which they did, they should not have been in the SEC Championship and should have ended the season 10-2 at best They also beat Johnny Football on a fluke. Alabama should have been playing Missouri in the SEC even with a loss to Redneck Tech.

                Roll Tide


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                  It is halftime now and OU is having their way with Alabama.


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                    The game is over and Oklahoma wins.
                    Final score: 45-31.
                    I think Oklahoma has resolved its quarterback controversy.


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                      That's what happens when you give up 35 points on 5 turnovers. Nobody can win turning the ball over like that. Sooners played well and capitalized on almost every Alabama mistake.


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                        The Tide got rolled!


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                          It izza Konspiracy!

                          Those turnovers were the result of a Voodoo curse, courtesy of the Downtrodden Anthropoids Union, headed up by Action Jackson and Al Sharpton.

                          Next year, all the cheerleaders and professors will be LGBT and there will be a drag marriage at Homecoming.

                          It is being funded by proceeds from the Unaffordable Kare Act. People will become so disgusted that Putin will easily become President via a write-in landslide.

                          Just like during the Revolutionary War, people will be required to give food and shelter to LGBT's and there will be at least one in every household.They will prey upon your children, as well as yourself!


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                            Yes they did!


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                              The game was actually closer than the score would indicate, with the outcome being decided on the last play of the game.




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