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Hunters need to know when the sun comes up. And when it goes down.Did you know that, on the Winter Solstice (The Shortesr Day),

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  • Hunters need to know when the sun comes up. And when it goes down.Did you know that, on the Winter Solstice (The Shortesr Day),

    Hunters need to know when the sun comes up. And when it goes down.Did you know that, on the Winter Solstice (The Shortesr Day), we have neither the earliest sunset nor the latest sunrise? Just the shortest time between sunrise and sunset.The earliest sunset occurs about two weeks before the Solstice and the latest sunrise occurs around January 4.Why izzat? A) Not true, but ye have to say that to pass Astronomy. B) By order of The Pope. 3) Because of the Earth's elliptical orbit and the resulting changing angular velocity , and the resulting changing declination angle relative to the Sun. 4) It is the Will of Allah.

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      WAM -


      Of course a sophisticated and educated person who attended the University of Alabama also knows that it partly B as well.

      Butt I'll explain for the benefit of others...

      Up until Copernicus' time (1500's AD), people were only allowed to think in terms of Ptolemy's Earth-Centered Universe.

      Copernicus played the political side as well as proving the heliocentric solar system.

      He got the Pope's blessing, enabling subsequent (nearly simultaneous) discoveries that explained the solstices, among other phenomena.


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        I also would have picked #3, not only because it sounds so scientific, but because it seems counter-intuitive.
        I'll admit I was a bit puzzled by the answers being designated as A, B, 3 and 4, but decided that it had to be an Alabama thing.


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          99 -

          "Counter-Intuitive" is correct for most people. It wus intuitive for physicists for centuries, if not milennia, and many lost their lives over it.

          Executed for "heresy."

          A,B,1,2: what's the diff?

          Nevva was any good at making out tests ennyhow.


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            Still, bad things happened if ya kicked too many sacred cows:

            "1548 – February 17, 1600) (Latin: Iordanus Brunus Nolanus), born Filippo Bruno, was an Italian Dominican friar, philosopher, mathematician, poet, astrologer and astronomer. His cosmological theories went beyond the Copernican model: while supporting its heliocentrism, he also correctly proposed that the Sun was just another star moving in space, and claimed as well that the universe contained an infinite number of inhabited worlds populated by other intelligent beings.[1] The Roman Inquisition found him guilty of heresy, and he was burned at the stake.[2]"


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              He can't say he didn't get a fair trial. It lasted about seven years. Longer than the OJ trial.
              And most of the charges against him involved expressing opinions contrary to the teachings of the church (including the virginity of Mary), and had nothing to do with cosmology.
              He got off light:-)


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                I would sooner believe that his brain caught on fire and burnt him up than he was burned at the stake. But hey, that's just my theory and complete heresy...


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                  In fact, there was so much evidence against him that the Vatican detectives suggested that they put some aside for a different case.


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                    But for a while there, it looked like the execution would have to be called off because they could not get a fire started.
                    However, just then an inventor named Charles Ronson (1535-1606) showed up and saved the day.
                    Bruno's appeal is still pending.


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                      And I thought it wuz Charles Bronson...


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                        Hijacking Alert!!!

                        OK, wise-asses, whut three Heisman winners wuz selected first overall indy NFL Draft and are indy college and pro football Hall of Fame?


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                          Don't know what all the talk is about concerning orbits and elliptical planes. The earth is flat. The sun just stays on the bottom side longer during the winter.


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                            The earth may be flat, but I feel certain that it is disc-shaped, as evidenced by its shadow on the moon. I feel so smart.


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                              Woof, Just a wild guess? The Auburn trifecta.

                              1985 Heisman Winner, Bo Jackson (Auburn) Running Back.
                              1971 Heisman Winner, Pat Sullivan (Auburn) Quarterback.

                              Will make the future football Hall of Fame,
                              2010 Heisman Winner, Cam Newton (Auburn) Quarterback.




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