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This website has turned into a football grave yard after Alabama got beat by Auburn. The Tide is still ranked high at number th

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  • This website has turned into a football grave yard after Alabama got beat by Auburn. The Tide is still ranked high at number th

    This website has turned into a football grave yard after Alabama got beat by Auburn. The Tide is still ranked high at number three in the country. The loser of Auburn vs. Florida State championship game will drop in rank and will move Bama up to number two after they smoke Okalahoma in the Sugar Bowl. When college football season ends being number two in the country is still pretty damn good. Cheer up Bama fans! Is anybody looking forward to any college bowl games? Are there any predictions today in pro football? Who will win? Packers’ vs. Bears , Eagles vs. Cowboys , Ravens vs. Bengals , Cardinals vs. 49ers , Dolphins vs. Jets or any other pro game predictions? Let’s bring football back to life!

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    typo Oklahoma, sorry


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      packers vs bears: bears win. eagles vs cowboys: eagles win. ravens vs Bengals: Bengals win.


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        Bama looked suspiciously sloppy,stupid, and lethargic agin RedneckTech.

        It appears as if the players are out of control and began partyin too soon.

        Sheemanfck, them coaches cain't tell me whut to do, Ah is already gots mah ticket to go to Pittsburg!

        The play-calling wuz ridiculous, too.

        They shoulda seen they could not run agaist Auburn on the first attempt.

        Whut kind of a person does the same thing again and again, expecting the results to vary?

        They built quite an empire, with professional teams and prospects looking at them as the Center of Attention.

        They got shocked into the reality thet complacency will take them right offa the radar screen, and the pro scouts, as well as I, cannot justify witnessing them "play."

        The onliest tradition Ah'm seein izza swelled head.


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          We shall see if the FSU Criminoles really are any good against a tough opponent or if Auburn can continue to be the luckiest team in football. The were 3 sheit plays away from 8-3....


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            I'll take the Dolphins over the Jets, and the Cowboys over the Eagles.
            With Tony Romo out with a back injury, the Cowboys are the underdogs, but they have a habit of winning the games they should lose (and losing the games they should win.)


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              The bears were embarrassed on national TV last Sunday night. I think they will come roaring back today against the Pack. The Packers defensive star LB Clay Matthews is out with an injury. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is playing with a wounded collar bone thanks to the bears defense a few weeks ago.

              99, Dallas has no defense and the Philly team is very hungry
              Andy Reid will sit all the KC starters. Chargers will beat KC for a second time.

              Hey Woof, the top three college teams in the nation and two are from State of Alabama.
              Why is that?
              1. Good old Bama water?
              2. Just great Talent?
              3. Bama kids start football early?
              4. Air from the Gulf Streams?
              5. Drinking Moonshine during a time out instead of Gatorade?


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                Gary Devine -

                Not getting caught at/(being allowed to for political reasons) paying the players the most.

                Michener spells it out in "Centennisl" and calls college football playerz "hired thugz from out of state."


                Ah don't know enny of them guys, or their familiies, and neither does ennybuddy I know.

                Before they became professional, it wuz different and there wuz more of the WAM/Snake connection.

                Ah used to git a ride up to Tuscaloosa with guys from Foley, and they all knew Stabler.

                One of mah grade school buddies hadda cuz named Pat Trammel (look him up on Wikipedia).

                Hadda teacher who had played tackle at Bama.

                One of mah neighbors, Jimmy Dill, used to play football in our back yard and went water-skiing with us. Evvabuddy's forgotten him now, butt his photo wuz splashed on the front page of the sports section all over the country, simultaneously breaking his wrist and making a sliding ketch one handed indy end zone.He spent his working life up in WAM's stomping grounds cuz there wuz nuthin fur him down there.

                Now players who have NFL aspirations go whereever the pro scouts are gonna be lookin and where they git paid the most, and they all know the score..

                It ain't about "Alabama" nomo.

                Right now they are attracted to Bama, butt people's assessment of them has slipped to the point that they have been reduced to playing the number 10 team inna bowl game.

                Bama has the unique opportunity to slip lower than #10.

                Ah wuz lyin about bein a Bama Alum. Nevva been to Tuscaloosa in mah life.
                Graduated from the sixth grade. Cain't even spell Beer Bryant.


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                    I can't wait till New Years day to watch my other team UCF play Baylor and will definitely be watching the National Championship Game go Auburn!


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                      I have little to no interest in the National Felony League, and wouldn't be so sure that the Big Red will be smoked by anybody in a bowl game.


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                        I guess I missed something here. I thunk "Big Red" was Nebraska or Cornell?


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                          OU, WAM, OU. Even if their colors are officially not actually red.


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                            OU, WAM, OU. Even if their colors are officially not actually red.


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                              I don't follow the logic that the loser of the championship game should drop to number three, while the winner of the Sugar Bowl should rank number two.




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