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My sons girl friend asked for a center fire rifle for Christmas. He gave her a Remington 700 in .308 with a heavy barrel and com

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  • My sons girl friend asked for a center fire rifle for Christmas. He gave her a Remington 700 in .308 with a heavy barrel and com

    My sons girl friend asked for a center fire rifle for Christmas. He gave her a Remington 700 in .308 with a heavy barrel and composite stock. She can't wait to touch it off. How cool is that?

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    Thet is entirely cool. He'll have to replace it with a .243 and he'll git the .308!


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      She should use light bullets at first. Why the heavy barrel? Are they varmint hunters or competition shooters?
      Way cool present.


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        Very nice.


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            Does your sons girlfriend have a hot sister with similar interests? Lol . In all seriousness, very cool!


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              He got that rifle from a friend for $600. It came with a big honking Nikon monarch 4-16 scope.
              It's heavy but she can handle the recoil well and she just wants to learn how to shoot before she goes for the hunter safety class.
              I expect it will get traded for a lighter rig eventually!
              By the way, she dinged her brow on the first shot. Rifle persons badge of honor!


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                Dallas A. McWhorter -

                Are you making a snide remark about fat people?

                Also, what makes you think she's not transsexual? Ah noticed ye excluded thet option.

                And Ah also detect some bias based upon height.

                Ah happen to be 6' 4" and near 250 lbs, and it sounds as if ye regard thet as 'bad'.

                Most of the women here are at least 250 lbs.

                Ah find ye to be very bigoted today.



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                  More D.A.M. -

                  So why did ye want to come out bustin mah balls ennyway?

                  Ah wuz just cruisin and not havin to defend against megalomaniacal schizophrenics with flawed logic and writin.

                  And ye come out like a dawg out from under the porch like he wuz chasin a garbage truck.

                  Don't, Ah say, Don't be a humpin mah laig!


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                      And now ye're makin fun of a disabled person!

                      Guess what?

                      Ah ain't fat.

                      Ah don't have no fat on me.

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                        "Daddy, Ah come on here to Field and Stream to here from Allah the nice friendly sportsmen and Ah keep havin trouble with Droll Trolls!"

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                            Not to change the subject but that sounds like a very nice Christmas present and I am sure she will enjoy it. If she can try reloading, she might enjoy the accuracy and speed of 110g V-Max target bullets or even 130g bullets. They are fast, accurate and have pretty low recoil. I like shooting them in the .308. She doesn't always have to shoot 150g-180g bullets.

                            My neighbor boy at the age of 15 just received a Rem 700 in .243 for Christmas and we are planning to take it out for his first shot tomorrow if it stops raining for a little while. I enjoy seeing their pride in shooting such a nice rifle for the first time and I am looking forward to it.




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