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Haven't heard from Santa this Christmas. Gotta video for him. About Santa Claus...

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  • Haven't heard from Santa this Christmas. Gotta video for him. About Santa Claus...

    Haven't heard from Santa this Christmas. Gotta video for him. About Santa Claus...

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      What I remember most about Cheech Marin is that a visit to Canada precluded his involvement in the Vietnam War.
      I think of that whenever I hear his name mentioned.


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        99 -

        Nobuddy kin accuse me of political involvement in them days.

        Allah evva wanted wuzza new rifle and all the ammo Ah could shoot.

        Mebbe a AR-15 or...

        Injuries and other medical problems kept me from gittin that roffle.

        All them celebs who got in the spotlight wuz doin the same gag as A&E these days with Phil & Co..

        All they wanted me fur wuz to play Base Football.

        Ah could thow a football 70 yards to a spot and somehow evvabuddy knew it.

        Have a Very Merry Christmas and eat goodies til yo eyes bug out!

        Just a funny video about Santa with some clever lines.

        Donde esta la Santa Claus,
        The fellow with the hair on his jawz?



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          An honest politician, a kind lawyer and Santa Claus were talking when they all noticed a $10 bill on the floor. Who picked it up?

          Santa of course, the other two don't exist!


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            Gary -

            My-T Funny!

            That's about it!


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              I've been just a little busy during the past twenty four, so I haven't had time to check in. So Merry Christmas to all!


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                santa -

                Merry Christmas!

                Ah'll bet chew got up and had mullet and grits with gravy and a slice of pecan pie a la mode this AM.


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                  santa (continued) -

                  Not to mention the home made Southern - style cornbread.

                  Ah looked on Google Maps and found Marlow.

                  Up on Fish River, near the intersection of 8 and 28.

                  Mah ole granddaddy used to live at Pirate's Cove, near Josephine, and the extended family would vacation there.

                  We used to watch the AT-6 Texans dropping smoke bombs at Alabama Point.

                  We used to stand up near the middle of The Bridge and watch the Manta Rays swim through.

                  You could go to the Gulf Beach and not see another person...


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                    Woofie, Those days are long gone now. Those old SNJ's were phased out many years ago with T-34's and T-28's. Now days, even those have been replaced with turbo prop T34 Charlies. I well remember the rays going up Old River between Ono Island and the Flora-Bama, but now from the bridge at Alabama point, you mostly see condos. Google "Historic Marlow Ferry" and find Part . There is also a good piece on Marlow Ferry Crossing on YouTube. As to pecan pie, my wife makes pecan butter cream cheese pie which is just outta this world.


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                      santa -

                      Sounds good, about the pie.

                      Good thing I'm 3,000 miles away!

                      Ah grew up inna old-growth forest above Wragg Swamp on a dirt road. The place wuz annexed and now there's million-dollar Yuppie houses evvawhere.

                      Reckon Ah don't want to see whut the Redneck Riviera looks like now.

                      Butt Ah understand ye might git black goo on ye without having to go all the way to La Brea.



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                        santa (continued) -

                        It wuz heartwarming, jis to hear those people talk on the video!

                        Should be required listenin fur Yankees.

                        Ah must admit Ah didn't care fur the references to the uncivil war.

                        Thet crick is certainly fulla gaterz ennyhow.

                        Nobuddy here nose ennything about gaterz or water mexicans or any US history prior to WWI. They don't even teach it in school.

                        Ennything not relevant to life today does not exist.

                        Kinda refreshing.

                        Ah must admit ye've got better fishing overall.

                        Butt Ah like the steelheads andy honkerz andy Mallards.

                        There's not this many Mallards ennywhere else in the Lower 48!

                        Nevva even heard of ennything like it.



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                          Bayouwoof, Old legend or rumors say that the Confederate States of America had lead, turpentine, and powder buried and stored somewhere along the banks of Fish River. The rumored site is supposed to be right about where I live which is within 2000 feet of the old ferry site. I have always expected to dig into it someday. The land I live on has yielded quite a few mini balls and uniform buttons, both union and confederate, over the years so it had to have seen some of the union aggression which was once displayed here. By the way, when I was young, I actually pulled the ferry across the river. There were boards with notches cut in them and you just hooked the board over the cable and started to walk. You did not move but the ferry moved under your feet. When the length of the ferry passed under you, then you walked to the other end and re-hook the cable with your board and repeated the process.




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