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Product Review: Columbia Bugaboot waterproof boot

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  • Product Review: Columbia Bugaboot waterproof boot

    Product Review: Columbia Bugaboot waterproof boot

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    Here's the product:

    I bought a pair of these in a pinch while hunting in Montana. The Rocky Core boots I first purchased turned out to be crap. They killed my feet and thankfully fell apart after three days of hunting so I could take them back. Then I took a chance on these boots which were actually twenty dollars cheaper ($70). They held up very well over a month of extremely hard hunting. My feet have stayed plenty warm in spite of only 200 grams Thinsulate (but remember I'm constantly on the move pheasant hunting). What is remarkable is that they kept my feet out of harm's way after I fell through the ice last Thursday even though I didn't get back to my vehicle for more than an hour. Temperature was -21 to -25 and snow up to my crotch in places. The boots were frozen solid but my feet made it okay (small area of frostbite on non-treading area of right foot).

    Besides saving my feet, here are the pros:

    1) Lightweight. Much more so than the Sorel packs I regularly purchased in the past (which kept my feet no warmer). Sorels are crap these days made in China. A real disgrace to the company's namesake town in Quebec.

    2) A great tread on the soles. Something Columbia calls "Omnigrip". No trouble climbing up hills in snow. The gooey Eastern Montana clay was a challenge but these soles performed as well as anything can in that stuff.

    3) Waterproof. Really! So many so-called waterproof hiking boots out there are a joke. I waded shallow creeks with these without issue. But as most of us know, the waterproofness likely will not last. Goretex boots are particularly famous for short term waterproof capability. These are Columbia's own stuff so we'll see how they hold up over the long term. But hey, they lasted through this season and only cost seventy bucks. Not bad!

    4) Comfortable. Gad, these boots were wonderful from the moment I put them on! I hardly know I'm wearing them! When you're in hunting boots as long as I was every day, that's a REALLY BIG plus!

    Now for the down side:

    1) The laces are held in place with fabric loops for all but the top wrung. These probably will not hold up well over the long haul. We'll see. I suspect they'll also become magnets for burrs.

    That's it! For seventy bucks I suspected these boots wouldn't last through the season as hard as I hunt. But here they are still going strong. Definitely got my money's worth.


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      I purchased a pair of canadian made sorel pack boots back in the early nineties that I wear to this day. They have something around 1000 grams of insulation and keep my feet warm. I only were them on the deer stand, too cumbersome and heavy to wear when activity is necessary like bird hunting.

      About 5 years ago I was in chicago visiting family and picked up some Columbia pac boots that were on clearance at the downtown macy's. I think they were only 20, maybe 30 bucks and thought I'd give them a shot for that price. I figured I could at least wear them to shovel snow or sled with the kids. I was shocked at how good of a boot this is. Like you, these boots are really comfortable and I find myself reaching for these more often. I don't put the miles on them as you do OHH, but mine have held up extremely well.

      I'm with you on Rocky boots. they use to make a really good boot. The last pair I bought were so horrible I will never buy another. Very uncomfortable and the sole came loose with very little wear on the boots.




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