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Has anyone bought any of the Field & Stream "Total Manuals" i.e. "The Total Outdoorsman Manual", "The Total Gun Manual", "The To

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  • Has anyone bought any of the Field & Stream "Total Manuals" i.e. "The Total Outdoorsman Manual", "The Total Gun Manual", "The To

    Has anyone bought any of the Field & Stream "Total Manuals" i.e. "The Total Outdoorsman Manual", "The Total Gun Manual", "The Total Fishing Manual", or "The Total Deer Hunter Manual"? If so, what did you think of it?

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    I have the total outdoorsman manual. It's pretty good, mostly a lot of little tips and tricks and such. I think it's a expensive for the little information gained but it's still a pretty good read.


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      I bought 3 of them. Survival, Outdoors and Fishing. Survival and outdoors have a lot of filler and if you are a regular reader of F&S or even this web site, there is a lot in there that you probably already knew. I you are a tenderfoot, it might be great. Still some good nuggets between the filler, I am not sorry I bought it.

      The FISHING manual is by far the best of the best. Joe Cermele did a really great job on that one. Lots of stuff I didn’t know.

      I bought mine at LOWES of all places. Standing in line while the wife was buying stuff. Any one have a review of the GUN MANUAL.


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        I love the total outdoorsman manual and the total fishing manual they are filled with lots of great stuff but then again I am a tender foot


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          I have the Total Outdoorsman and total Gun Manuals and enjoy them both. More so with the Gun Manual.


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            I might buy the Gun Manual if I could preview it before buying. The Fishing Manual would be nice, but I am not a serious fisherman.


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              If you're a dedicated member of this blog and read F & S quite a bit you will find that all of the material at one time or another was in the magazine or on the blog. Having said that I thoroughly enjoyed both the Outdoorsman Guide and the Gun Manual. Most of the info in the Gun Manual I already knew, but it is good to have that information all in one book. In the Gun Manual the format is divided between Rifles and Shotguns with info on firearm selection, bullet/caliber selection, reloading, gun care, etc. I reccomend buying them.




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