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Just a little more R&R and Falconry Trivia. What Rolling Stones used a Falconers Term in a title song?

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  • Just a little more R&R and Falconry Trivia. What Rolling Stones used a Falconers Term in a title song?

    Just a little more R&R; and Falconry Trivia. What Rolling Stones used a Falconers Term in a title song?

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    The only Stone song that come to mind is "Paint it Black"...Flash back Yek! When the HU-2s lifting off.


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      Treestand, great song.

      Carl, I have no idea.

      Another added Rolling Stones trivia question.

      What song were the Rolling Stones singing during an outside concert in California and the stupid idiots from the Hells Angels motorcycle gang killed somebody.


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        1966 Under My Thumb. Falconers term for the leather tab on the birds leg held under the thumb to control the bird.
        Gary I think Jumping Jack Flash, but I might be wrong.


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          Carl, you're incorrect. It was not the song Jumping Jack Flash.

          The Rolling Stones hired the Hells Angels to protect the front of the stage area. The guy was killed eighteen feet in front of the Rolling Stones band.


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            Then my only other best guess "Gimme Shelter"


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              The answer is the same as your trivia question, Carl.
              Under my thumb, was the song.

              The eighteen year old kid pulled a gun on the Hells Angels. That brilliant blunder cost him his life.
              The 1969 video of the Rolling Stones and Hells Angels fighting link below.



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                Boy that brings back memories!! Whenever I was 19 and hanging on the door of a UH-1, lifting off that song would play over and over in my head. There was a pet name for Huey’s in those days, The pathfinders used to call theirs Slicks. But I don’t think that was it. Anybody remember?


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                  Never heard of a Huey (non-gunship) called anything other than a "Slick". "Satisfaction" was a biggee too.




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