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Ducks vs Beavers wuzza XLNT game. Tomorrow, Bragging Rights for the State of Alabama will be determined.Is ennybuddy rooting fur

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  • Ducks vs Beavers wuzza XLNT game. Tomorrow, Bragging Rights for the State of Alabama will be determined.Is ennybuddy rooting fur

    Ducks vs Beavers wuzza XLNT game. Tomorrow, Bragging Rights for the State of Alabama will be determined.Is ennybuddy rooting fur Auburn?

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      Only some misguided souls hanging around Toomer's Corner....


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        This promises to be a day with an afternoon of really good entertainment and food. I ate Thursday's tradition feast and now I am ready for today's tailgate party right in my living room while sitting in front of the new Black Friday special flat screen. I am way overweight and have been on a very strict diet for the last few weeks but I threw the diet out the window Thursday. So today I will have fresh baked bull red with a blue crab-meat and white shrimp stuffing as a main course for brunch at around 10 o'clock this morning and around a quarter of 2, I myself will start frying up two gallons of fresh shucked Apalachicola oysters and home-made potato chips. Yesterday my wife made a quart of her special secret seafood dip, then peeled and waffle sliced the red potatoes on her mandolin slicer for the chips. While she was making the dip, I broke down and went to the closet and pulled out my last bottle of scupppernong wine which I made back in 1978 from my mothers muscadine arbor before Hurricane Freddie got it in 79. Since this game today promises to be so important in the final BCS out come, and next year a new play-off system takes effect, I feel is a fitting occasion to sit back and sip on that last bottle while pigging out on fried oysters, chips and dip to an Alabama victory.

        PS, A dozen or so of those oysters just might not make it all the way to the fryer because the cook just can't be trusted around raw oysters.


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          I was in Las Vegas I would bet on Auburn with ten and a half points.
          There are four reasons why I like Auburn with the points;
          1. Auburn has home field advantage.
          2. Auburn’s Jordan-Hare Stadium dominated with loud Auburn fans.
          3. Two weeks to practice to make up a good game plan
          4. Auburn players were off last week and have well rested bodies.

          The atmosphere at Auburn represents what is great about SEC football, along with some of its faults. The "Tiger Walk", is one of the truly great traditions in the SEC, with fans gathering along the path to watch their Tigers come in two hours before kickoff. It is an electric atmosphere, with as many as 20,000 fans lining up to watch the team come in.

          The War Eagle chant as the majestic eagle flies around the facility before landing at midfield is another great moment that any fan of college football should want to experience. 80,000 plus chanting Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar Eagle! Hey! Is a fun way to start any college football experience.

          Enjoy the game everybody.


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            As much as I hate to say it I am rooting for Bama and I dread saying that but I am a SEC fan and I want bama to win out to give the SEC there 8th consecutive BCS Championship!


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              Roll Tide from me. I graduated from 'Bama in '67 and got to see some of those great Bear Bryant teams with players like Stabler and Baumhower and Perkins and Homan. Now it's the Saban era and even better. Bama by a touchdown in the fourth.

              The Auburn fans are really loud this year, but I think it's like whistling in the dark to keep from being scared.


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                Santa -

                One day we are going to all show up at yo house!

                It will be critical mass.

                The only one who lives farther away is WAM, and I'll bet he has enough clout to arrange a jet and pick evvabuddy up, whether they need a ride or not.

                Three thousand miles and one right turn, right?

                Folks around here don't even know what you're talking about.

                Country -
                '66-'67 wuz mah Freshman year.

                We prolly saw each other...

                Ah wuz the tall skinny guy without his Labrador.

                Finally took her to school with me...



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                  Santa, that food ,and drink sounds fntastic


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                    They say it from Portlad, Maine, to Portland, Orrygun, and Bayou La Batre AL in between:



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                      Half time undefeated Ohio State 21 and Michigan 21.
                      Three players ejected from the game already for fighting.
                      Can't beat the action in college football!


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                        Country -

                        You insult Perkins,Homan,Stabler, never saw Bama look so ridiculous.I can still see Perkins and Homan racing down the sidelines and neatly catching long passes with no one nearby.And Stabler was always a running threat.And even though his passes were somewhat imperfect,the receivers could at least catch the ball and didn't crack under pressure.


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                          The food was good, the game was cruel, the wine was chilled, and the flat screen was painfully sharp and clear. Although the quality of the wine was fair, the quantity was not nearly enough to ease the pain. I just need some darn large band-aids to stop the loss of Crimson. Nick, in my humble opinion, just did not earn all of his $5,395,852 base salary this year with that last play call. I still remember the game in 1972 where Bama lost (punt, Bama, punt) over their kicking game. This only goes to show that Bama never needs to depend on kicking when playing Auburn. The kicking game got off to a bad start with the first possession and only got worse throughout the game. The kicking well was already proven dry and then when the game was dying of thirst, Nick went back to that dry well. Auburn did not earn the win, they just had it handed to them. Since we made a gift of the win to them, I will just have to support them for the next 12 months. So after washing my mouth out with soap and swallowing my pride, I now have to cheer ------ "WAR EAGLE"




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