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Is there a place in the NFL for crazy-legged running quarterbacks? Navy quarterback Keenan Reynolds set an NCAA record yesterday

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  • Is there a place in the NFL for crazy-legged running quarterbacks? Navy quarterback Keenan Reynolds set an NCAA record yesterday

    Is there a place in the NFL for crazy-legged running quarterbacks? Navy quarterback Keenan Reynolds set an NCAA record yesterday rushing for seven touchdowns in one game, while completing just four out of six passes thrown all day. Roger Staubach was known for his scrambling ability, but he was also a great passer, and he has two Super Bowl rings to show for it.

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    They don't end up very well. RGIII Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick can all ass well. Tim Tebow ran very well but couldn't throw. Look where he ended up.


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      When Ah wuzzat Alabama, Joe Namath held the school record for the 40-yard dash.

      Beer Bryant said Joe Willie wuz the best athlete he ever saw.

      Opposing teams took away his running game right away.

      Roll Tide Roll!


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        You want to hear my thoughts on football? Just joking.


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          Most running backs have only nine blockers. The running QB has ten. And the threat of a pass gives him another edge against the defensive secondary on a run.
          I don't think that is enough to compensate for the lack of a good passing game.


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            Philadelphia Eagles running quarterback Michael Vick is also out with an injury.
            Vick lost his starting job to 6 foot 5 inch back up quarterback Nick Foles.

            The greatest quarterbacks will stay in the pocket longer like Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Joe Namath, Peyton Manning, Johnny Unitas and Dan Marino. The running quarterbacks get their bodies beat up.


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              I am from the "Snake" Stabler era. He got the name "Snake" because of his double jointed knees. He could be headed in one direction but move to the side with his knees and feet twisting like a snake. Therefore while running the ball, he could wiggle around and was just plain hard to tackle. When scouting, the "Bear" saw the value of his knees while he ran the ball during high school games, but "Snake" was really a baseball player who could pitch left handed extremely well. He was such a good pitcher that he made national news at a county fair with his pitching and dunking a clown for a record number of times straight over a period of hours. He was even offered contracts to pitch for the New York Yankees and Huston Astros while he was still in high school. I personally asked Kenny one time why he turned down the contracts to pitch baseball and he answered me that he would rather play a dozen games of football a year for few years than play 100"s of baseball games a year for a lifetime. In the end, He could chunk a football with a very high degree of accuracy and could also run the ball down the field wiggling away from tackles like a snake. But when those double jointed knees started to give out and he could no longer run, he was done as a quaterback. He could still chunk a ball, but without the snake-like running ability, he was no longer needed in the pros. So learning from his experience, I would say that a good quaterback does not necessarily have to run the ball during a game but he sure needs the ability to both PASS and SCRAMBLE well depending on how a play develops.


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                Just look at all of the service academies (Army, Air Force and Navy) stats. Rushing IS their offense. Army ranks 1st in the FBS with over 330 yds rushing per game and 123rd in passing. Navy is 3rd in rushing and 122nd in passing, and the Air Force is 11th in rushing and 121st in passing. None of these guys will ever make it to the NFL due to their obligation to our country. They are playing sports for thier own pleasure and the enjoyment of the game(s).




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