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A little Trivia for the Natural World. Previously posted but we do have some new guys. What is the difference of an Ax or Hammer

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  • A little Trivia for the Natural World. Previously posted but we do have some new guys. What is the difference of an Ax or Hammer

    A little Trivia for the Natural World. Previously posted but we do have some new guys. What is the difference of an Ax or Hammer made in America and one made in Europe and why?

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    I found a very interesting paper on this a while ago, and I'm afraid I've forgotten most of it. If I recall, the gist was that American axes have more weight behind the handle, whereas European axes have almost all the weight in front of it, with the blade. I also recall seeing a chart showing traditional axe patterns by region of America. I for one have found that I do better with a broader blade that is closer to the handle.


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      Very true T. But it has to do with mountain ranges


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        I think the European has a straighter handle.

        Carl, What is the difference between an axe and a hatchet?


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          I'm stumped, Carl.
          Back in June, Outdoor Life posted a list for the best ax, hatchet and tomahawk.
          They have the ax made by the Swedes as number one.


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            jhjimbo; You are in the right Church just the wrong Pew. As far as Hatchet/Axe it's the length of the handle. As far as European/American it's the wood. But why?


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              Carl, must have to do with the grain.

              The difference with a hatchet is , it is designed to be used with only one hand.

              I do know there are some top axe manufacturers in Scandinavia that will not ship to the U.S.. They cite adverse litigation as the reason. They will ship to Canada. Have you thanked a lawyer today?


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                I am speaking of a time before plastics and fiber glass. Mountain ranges are a contributing factor.


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                  The "ice axe" is used on snow covered mountain peaks by mountain climbers.

                  Just a wild guess, Carl.


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                    Hmmm...mountain ranges....and probably something to do with the handle...and hammers AND axes. Does it have to do with having one foot higher than the other when swinging an ax on a mountain? I guess that could somehow apply to sledgehammers, too. Or does it have to do with the wood used in the handles? Is there a reason we mostly use hickory and ash?


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                      The difference between the two is American tools use Hickory for the handle. European's use Ash. The reason for this is the mountain ranges in America run north-south. In Europe east-west. For this reason Hickory trees once indigenous could not out run the last Ice Age. So Ash was the wood of choice.
                      As a side note new growth Hickory is used because it is springy. Tree stumps are left about 6 feet tall forcing new growth. They are used for handles, canes, ram rods or what ever.




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