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I am looking into getting a Mosin Nagant and was wondering if anyone knew anything about handloading the 7.62x54R? I read you ne

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  • I am looking into getting a Mosin Nagant and was wondering if anyone knew anything about handloading the 7.62x54R? I read you ne

    I am looking into getting a Mosin Nagant and was wondering if anyone knew anything about handloading the 7.62x54R? I read you need to gage the bore and then get a bullet that will fit accordingly but I have also read about some people using .308 bullets and those working. I would love to find a balistic tip bullet that will work, any tips on bullets, size or where to find them and cases and or powder recipies would be great.

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    I don't think many reload this because of the abundant supply of low cost ammo. Before I would reload, I would get some surplus ammo and see how well the rifle shoots and check headspace, etc.
    The Lee load book I have shows loads from 110 to 220gr bullets.
    Good luck, report back how it worked out.


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      Im just nervous about fowling with the surplus ammo. Also I really want to try to sweet tune this thing and see how much I can get a group to shrink. Im thinking about using it as a hog/deer/yote rifle.


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        7.62 is a 30 caliber (or .308 inch diameter) bullet. Mosin Nagants however were manufactured in two barrel diameters over time. Those primarily manufactured by the Finns and called the 7.62x53 do have a .308 caliber bore.

        Per my Hornady reloading manual, most of the 7.62x54 Mosin Nagants imported into the U.S. recently actually have a bore diameter ranging from .311 to .312. A .308 bullet will work fine in these but it may not be quite as accurate as the larger diameter bullets. I've loaded them with a .308 bullets and they work quite well offering groups about as good as most 30-06 rifles sold over the counter in the U.S.

        Check your barrel though. If you indeed have one of those (which is quite likely) you can load with .308 bullets or you can buy bullets in .311-.312 diameter. A wide variety of these bullets are sold at among other places for hand loading. Some Mosin Nagants may be exceptionally accurate with good bullets in the larger diameter. I'd suggest you try the .310 diameter Hornady 123g VMax bullets at 3100 fps for yotes and varmints. Try the .310 diameter Hornady 150g Interlock at 2800 fps for deer and hogs. Pretty deadly medicine and these should be exceptionally accurate for you. Barnes also makes a nice .310 diameter 123g bullet that would work for everything but it is over twice as expensive.


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          Thanks for the tips Dakota man. One question I do have is where to find these bullets? I have looked at cabelas and basspro and even and its not been easy.


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            What about casings hwere can I find those at?


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              I love my mosin. I have it decked out with thumbhole stock and the bent bolt. You can't reuse surplus ammunition because of the primers they originally came out with. You also need to be cautious of the corrosive residue left over from surplus ammo. I reload Hornady A-Max .308 rounds for mine and it is more accurate than I am. They are great pieces of equipment and very versatile.


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                Get bullets at Midway U.S.A. for reloading. They have a wide variety in .310 diameter.
                Google "Berdan Primer for Sale". One place to get them is: or

                You are looking for TulAmmo Berdan Primers. These are different than our standard boxer primers. The anvil is in the case rather than in the primer itself with Berdan primers. Berdan primed cases does not have a central flash hole but rather multiple tiny holes near the central anvil.

                Google these and you will see different techniques of depriming with hydraulic (water) compression or puncturing/picking the spent primer out of the case. You can also search for boxer primed 7.62x54R cases to make it easier. You will have to hunt for them though... google is your friend. Best of luck.




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