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Which scope do you like better, the Leupold VX-2 3-9x40 with a Duplex reticle, or a Vortex Viper 3-9x40 with a Dead-Hold BDC ret

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    WAM, I like my VX2 also and it sure does its job, and is rugged, but can tell you it is no VX3. The Philippines are doing an outstanding job of making high quality firearms and optics according to exacting U.S. designs and manufacturing standards. I don't hesitate to buy such well made products from well run U.S. companies (Vortex is in Wisconsin).

    You have every right to your opinion and I respect that, however if we were all as concerned as you with foreign manufacture, the computers we are using to browse this site would be costing us a few thousand dollars each (I paid $300 for mine a few months ago) and Weatherby wouldn't be experiencing the success they are having with the Vanguard just to name a few.

    That means a lot of us would have no such products to enjoy (because we couldn't afford them).


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      You might be surprised at how close the VX-II or VX-2 is to the VX-3 in real terms. Try finding a rangefinder not made in China. Leica is the only one I am aware of. Weatherby is not having its run of success based on the Vanguards on my account. The Philippine-made Burris and Nikon scopes are fine, but I don't own any of them.

      Bushnell? OMG!


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        WAM, I really like my VX2 as it is a solid and accurate scope. I'm not knocking it. I also shoot VX IIIs and VX3s in comparable magnifications. With the higher quality versions I notice better clarity and better light gathering. These are not critical to success in most deer hunting situations though.

        Although Bushnell is famous for making millions of super cheap scopes, I acquired their Elite 4200 6-24x50 Tactical as a result of outstanding reviews. I use it to shoot prairie dogs out to 700 yards and it has been great. It has made many a shooter feel sick about their rifle/optics at the range. I like to form my own opinions about products based on results rather than choosing them based on country of manufacture. I used it to shoot an antelope in the heart at 500 yards a few years ago and had very high confidence in the shot.

        I ALWAYS feel safe buying a VX2 and above from Leupold because of track record of demonstrated outstanding results. However, I also realize that specific models from other manufacturers may be equivalent or better or perhaps less expensive for the same level of result. I don't mind giving them a try as long as the manufacturer stands behind their product. I also don't mind selling them if I am not completely happy with them.


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          I have one VX-III and 4 of the VX-II/2s and there is not much discernable difference in real world performance. Top end Bushnells are good enough, but I have found that for a nickel more, you can get a better scope since the Elite series are pretty spendy. I have focused on upgrading glass on my existing rifles rather than buying more rifles. About the only thing I may be interested in is a project rifle in .280 Ackley Improved. Don't ask why, cause I don't know!


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            WAM, I'm also getting the itch to do a project rifle. The .280 Imp is a great one. It is pretty similar to the 7mm Mag in performance with less powder. I'd like to experiment with the 7mm WSM though too because of its great long range accuracy potential. My only reservation is that particular caliber at that speed seems to have a bone jarring, exceptionally fast recoil that I don't like. A muzzle brake or heavy rifle would be a must for me in that cartridge.

            I've been thinking of a very accurate 6mm or perhaps a screaming .22 caliber like the .22-6mm or perhaps a .22 PPC. I'm really attracted to the idea of a rifle that doesn't move upon ignition and that can hit a housefly right between the shoulder blades at 100 yards.

            I shot a 25-06 Imp for several years and really liked it. I might even do another one of those. It has speed comparable to the .257 Wby with better accuracy and way lower operating cost. That was probably my favorite rifle of all time. Very fast and very accurate... what more could one want?


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              Most of the 7mm mags have a pretty sharp recoil unless you keep the bullet weight to 150 grains or less and the rifle weight above 9 pounds. Most of the WSMs that I am familiar with come in lighter rifles. I might even build something on a Mark V action if the price is right. My 7mm Weatherby is not bad with 150 gr bullets in a 9 1/4 pound rifle.




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