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With each new mass shooting, the mainstream news media always mentions the role of the NRA and the Second Amendment. But there i

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  • With each new mass shooting, the mainstream news media always mentions the role of the NRA and the Second Amendment. But there i

    With each new mass shooting, the mainstream news media always mentions the role of the NRA and the Second Amendment. But there is a well-researched analysis of the role of the First Amendment in these shootings contained in a recent article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal. I am unable to provide a link, but if you google the words, "what mass killers want" and click on the Wall Street Journal link at the top of the page, you will find that the fingers have been pointing in the wrong direction. Enjoy.

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    Very interesting read.
    Exactly what the more respected" names" on here have advocated!
    Instead of sensationalizing "rampage" shootings, downplay them.
    The news media and hanging onto and reporting each and every grisly detail only fans the flames for the next perpetrator!


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      Interesting article. Try this link to 'mass shootings'


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        As there is considerable evidence that the main reason for committing the atrocity is publicity,
        it should be the hallmark or responsible journalism to deprive the killer of his 15 minutes of fame.
        A few pointers:
        Minimize the shooter's identity as much as possible.
        Never publish the shooter's propaganda. (It was a terrible mistake for NBC News to have aired the Virginia Tech shooter's self photos and videotaped ramblings.)
        Don't report on his biography or speculate on his motives.
        Minimize specifics and gory details.
        No photos or videos of the event.
        Talk about the victims but minimize images of grieving families.
        Decrease the saturation. Keep it in the realm of local coverage as much as possible.

        There are precedents for voluntary media restrictions, such as respecting the privacy of rape victims and minors involved in crimes.
        Safety should trump the right of the public to know.


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          Thought-provoking...Butt the "Mental Health Sciences" are inexact, not provable, and somewhat subject to redefinition. A quick and easy example of how wrong people can be is Sigmund Freud, the Father of Modern Psychology. That he wuz ultimately decided to be nothing more or less than a sex pervert has been covered up and forgotten. At the center of all his studies was the premise that there wuz some sort of behavioral link between the nose and the vagina. And he performed countless mutilative surgeries on women who could not protect themselves against it. The entire profession vouched for him and covered it up. How did he get so far off base? By waking up in the morning! Humans are constantly evolving and mutating, and there is really no measure of a normal mentality. A generally accepted ratio to put on the number of people whose behavior indicates dangerous mutations is one in five. Their thought processes are alien to the not-so-large majority.Some people are clever enough to memorize that body of knowledge to jerk out a bunch of chin music and divert some government funding their way. At the other end of the spectrum, it is suffices to say, "Dat MoFo crazy, man, sheeit!" In small isolated communities, "crazy" is a term used to destroy those who have fallen out of favor, or are perceived to be threats to somebody's political career. Eventually, the theories of mental health professionals come hard up against the grim realities of life on this planet. A story Ah heard described a man who who had stage fright about sex. He went to a psychiatrist who recited a bunch of mumbo jumbo and told him that the best cure for it wood be to drive downtown to a very public place where there was a lotta foot traffic and crawl up under his truck where he could close his eyes and masturbate unseen.A cop walks up and demands, "Whut are you doing?" The guy says he wuz having trouble with his universal joint and he wuz checking it out.
          "Well, you better get your brakes fixed, cuz your truck rolled away fifteen minutes ago!"

          Well, whut, ye didn't think Ah wood rite that much without it being a joke, didja?

          Some of it is and some ain't.


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            One of the more grim realities of life on this planet is that there will almost certainly be another mass shooting in the headlines between now and Thanksgiving.
            It is probably in the planning stages right now.
            Meanwhile, the motto in the newsroom remains the same: "If it bleeds, it leads."


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              99, A local radio station refused to broadcast any more suicides from a particular bridge as there was a rash of them, almost weekly. After they stopped broadcasting, the suicides almost completely stopped.


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                Very interesting article. I think that would help with all mass killings.


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                  There is money in sensationalizing this crap. Its all about ratings and if there is money, lives and morality come in second. Besides, We can always blame the NRA. And they can blame us and everybody wins and the contributions keep coming in. (except the poor SOB who got shot, he kind of lost).

                  As for the premise that mental illness is rarely involved; The guys in the Washington Naval yard shooting was mentally ill and tried to get help. And the shooting in Connecticut, wasn’t he about to be committed by his mother? In 2006 in the Pennsylvania West Nickel Mines Amish school house shooting the shooter had a brain tumor. My premise is the author is only partially right and focused on the immature types who crave attention.

                  I have seen people I work with suffer through the massive pain of mental illness and if you think it isn’t painful for them and their family, you are a fool. I suspect and pray to God I will never know, those who are ill were trying to get attention and treatment and our shallow society was too busy worrying about the Keep up with the shallow (starts with a K) family and who is dancing with what used to be stars,

                  I think we watch too much television and that is the real cause.


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                    Something that everybody seems to be missing here (not for the first time) is that this is a capitalistic society.

                    Nothing is driven by ideals, Ah mean NOTHING!

                    The idea of resstricting second amendment rights is ludicrous.

                    The math doesn't support it.

                    For example, there are approximately 300,000,000 people here in these United States and a fifth of them can be descried as mentally ill or seriously retarded or both..

                    That is, they cannot think logically and are prone to doing things that cannot be explained in terms of normal behavior.

                    The only fair way to restrict rights based upon mental reasons is to test every citizen, via personality profiling, IQ, and aptitue testing.

                    Around here, psychologists charge $100 per hour.

                    I once agreed to a complete test battery and it cost $5,000 (results? Normal except IQ, which wuz 160 for language skills, close for natural sciences and math).

                    Butt let's take $1,000 for the sake of conservatism.

                    The cost of testing the population to see who can own a firearm wood B $300 Billion (300 times 10 to the ninth power).

                    Is The Government going to step up to that?

                    A classroom full of physics students has a better chance of building a functional Nuclear Warhead than a roomful of Psychologists has of defining sanity.

                    And sanity is culture-bound.

                    It differs from one country to another, and from one region to the next.

                    Butt let's say that we proposed to take away the ability of a fifth of the population to buy a gun, and they would otherwise make a puchase of mebbe $500.

                    Let's see...1/5 of 300,000,000 times $500.

                    Sixty million times $500= $30 Billion out of the economy.

                    Ain't gonna happen.

                    The gun manufacturers aren't just transients who just stepped off the Bus.

                    They're gonna take political measures to avoid taking a hit like that.

                    Everything that takes place in this country happens because it is the most profitable.

                    The answer to every problem in this world is to make the solution more profitable than any other course of action.

                    Meanwhile, IT IS WHAT IT IS.

                    TO THINE OWN @SS BE TRUE.

                    If you're going somewhere that is likely to be dangerous, take it with you.

                    Like the man says before the fight, "Protect youself at all times!"


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                      I listened to the actress Goldie Hawn at the National Press Club - very interesting. She has done a lot of research into how schools are damaging the minds of students. This involves the study of suicide, mass shooters, ADHD, and other abnormal behavior. She has formed a Foundation and has implemented an education study in some 20 States and some other Countries. Google 'mind up' to learn more about her research.


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                        The National Rifle Association mails every state and Washington DC politician a questionnaire on the Second Amendment and gun rights for the people.

                        Some politicians will fill it the survey and some do not. The NRA also keeps tabs on how every politician is voting on gun related bills.

                        Finally the NRA sends to all their members the results with a grade sheet weeks before Election Day, on each politician in your state or representing your state in Washington D.C.

                        I would love the NRA to do a survey on the news media across this country. Grade them a score for all their gun related stories weather they are pro or anti gun. I guarantee 98 percent of the news media would get the failing grade of an F minus.




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