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I want to send out an early Happy Veterans Day to all past and present vets out there. How many vets do we have one this site? L

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    Thanks to ALL veterans out there!
    US Army Airborne Infantry 1969-1978
    US Navy Surface Warfare Officer 1982-1998

    Still serving proudly!


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      US Army 1971-74


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        WAM -

        Ah had guessed we wuz the same kinda fool!

        Nevva back down and no fear.

        RTR - The Boyz


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          Gotz the scars to show fer it, too.



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            WAM -

            Ah'll bet ye do.

            Ah wus blacklisted and ended up in the emergency room from medical neglect.

            Almost died and spent 6 months inna wheelchair.

            Hadda face down felons who were let outta prison to try to cash me in.

            Went to jail and then to court on false felony charges.

            The judge promised me life in prison.

            Tough crowd!

            Got pemanent disabilities.

            Butt Ah nevva begged fur mercy.

            Proud to know ye.


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              Had four encounters with snipers...

              Outflanked the guy in Florida, once on mah own farm! The guy in Montana hadda silenced semiauto and couldn't hit the broadside of a cow zass, butt he did shoot a lot, and up close. The guy at beacon Rock just wuzza bad shot. Ah wuzn't gonna let no goonz keep me from trainin mah dawgs. It unnerves 'em when they know ye're lookin fur a spot to punch and kick.

              Ah am sure ye wood have enjoyed those encounters as much as Ah did.

              Gotta be something about the water in Tuscaloosa.

              Mebbe the beer; you know how it is...



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                U.S.Army. Many restaurants in my area are offering free meals to veterans today. I am going to try my luck at Hooters tonight. If there is a line, I'm outta there.


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                  U.S. Marine Corps. 1st Marine Division, South Viet Nam. Later with ith 3rd Marine Air Wing. Still later, a reservist with 3rd ANGLICO. Went back to active reserves twice. As an ANGLICO Marine, worked with all branches of U.S. service and several allies.


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                    99 -
                    Hats off to Applebee's, Golden Corral and others for offering free meals to veterans on Veteran's Day. God loves every one of them! Personally, I stood in line to eat too many times to EVER stand in line for chow. Guess I have not been that hungry lately. Going to my American Legion Post tomorrow for our annual vet's dinner. I go to support the WWII old timers still kicking!

                    Bayouwoof - Don't recall if any of them that fired at me are still kicking. Don't think so....LOL


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                      U.S. Marine Corps 1st Marine Division/1st Scouts/1st Recon Multiple tours 2002-2006. Still serving on the civilian side in Small arms. Semper Fi




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