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i have looked at the general lee cb radio and also the cobra 148 cb radio. does anyone have any experience with any of these ra

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  • i have looked at the general lee cb radio and also the cobra 148 cb radio. does anyone have any experience with any of these ra

    i have looked at the general lee cb radio and also the cobra 148 cb radio. does anyone have any experience with any of these radios? which works the best? and would it pay to have an amplifier to give the cb more output power?

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    Yeah, Ah still gotta Cobra around here somewhere.

    Ah used it fur towing a travel trailer all over the West.

    OK for highway emergencies, butt the range is so limited that a cel phone has every advantage.

    Beware of amplifiers, as many are illegal, and the range increases only as a function of the square root of the power increase.

    All hunters and fishermen I know use cel phones, guides included.


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      Cobra 29 classic with amp is the best rig ive ever found and used


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        Part of my ranch occupation includes running and maintaining our gravel opporation. Our 980G ,980H, motor grader, and water truck all have cobras. Our range is limited to nearly within line of sight due to the hill country we run in. The most important thing in my humble opinion is paring your antenna with the CB, if you have a built in antenna meter, follow the instructions and tweak them accordingly. Stay away from amps out of respect for other users. There are several people who's voices are permenatly ingrained in my head. Should I hear that voice in public, I dont know if my iron constitution will allow me to refrain from cutting their tounge out...


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          Pray-Hunt-Fish (Is this a Law Firm?) is right about line of sight.

          The only time I ever saw CBs used for hunting was in flat country at relatively short range, and the users had to go to their trucks to talk.


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            All CB's are regulated to the same output wattage - I believe it is 5watts. Obstacles definitely determine how far a radio will broadcast (excluding atmosphere skips). My Marine radio is good for about 35 to 40 miles, because there are no obstructions. So the height of the antenna above the water and the curve of the earth determine the distance the signal can be received.
            Forget about jacking up the power. The only reason it works on semi's is because of their large 'ground plane' the large sq. ft. of their roof is what the signal bounces off of, a small vehicle would not have that advantage so the extra wattage would not be a benefit. Also, it's illegal.


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              putting an amp will defiantly increase the range at which you can talk, if you pair a cobra 29 with a 50 watt amp and the right antenna, you can get several miles out of it. i know because i have done it on several vehicles. it is illegal in some states, but due to new radio systems used by fire, ems and law agencies in all the states, ( most of it is 800 digital) it is not something that is tightly regulated anymore. the size of your vehicle doesnt have anything to do with RX or TX power of the radio. the right antenna is very important though and bigger isnt always better. i live in the mountains and with a cobra 29 with a 50 watt amp and the right antenna you will get about 6-8 miles out of the radio. im not telling you to use or not to use the amp they are illegal in some states, but is not something that is closely regulated anymore.




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