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I was wondering how the Vortex Diamondback scope is as far as quality, clearity and brightness? And it's a $200 scope so how doe

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  • I was wondering how the Vortex Diamondback scope is as far as quality, clearity and brightness? And it's a $200 scope so how doe

    I was wondering how the Vortex Diamondback scope is as far as quality, clearity and brightness? And it's a $200 scope so how does it compare to scopes in the same price range, specificly the Leupold VX-2 and Nikon Buckmaster?

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    They are all good Scopes for the Money one has life time,one has better sight adjustments,one has more eye relief....Its all Same-Same..Like- Like....pick a Brand Name you like!


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      Never looked through the Vortex Diamondback, but I do have a VX-2 and a Nikon Monarch, and I think the VX-2 is much more clear. I am kind of partial to Leupold though.


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        Not familiar with the Vortex scopes but own a Vortex spotting scope and have used Vortex binoculars. I find Vortex very good quality for the money.

        I own Nikon and Leupold products so I have something to compare them to.


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          They are in my opinion the best optics company on earth currently!!!! The only optics that i have bought other then vortex in the last 5 years was a nikon range finder because vortex had yet to make a range finder (i would have bought theirs) and a Swarovski z6 scope for my ultimate long rang rifle. They also have the best warranty of any optics company by far!!!! No questions asked unlimited lifetime warranty. I literally rolled down a hill side and my binos came bouncing down after me and vortex fixed them free of charge with out a question!!!


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            Thanks for the answers. I was thinking of upgrading from my current Nikon prostaff 3-9x40 and I was going to get this model in 4-12x40 with the adustable objective.


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              Leupold VXII is in $300 range and is tops on this list.

              Vortex Diamondback at $200 is a close second with better clarity and field of view. A very accurate scope too. I have seen chromatic aberration on the very outside of the optics when aiming below the sun over bright white snow. However it never affected the sight picture or accuracy for me. An amazing scope for the money. The Vipers are much better but cost more too. They are easily the best bang for your buck under $400.

              Nikon Prostaff - $150 A serviceable deer hunting scope but not in the same class for anything as the above scopes. Relatively poor clarity and field of view but ok for deer sized game.




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