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I just bought a Nikon Inline XR Muzzleloader scope, and I'm not exactly sure how tight is tight enough when securing the scope i

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  • I just bought a Nikon Inline XR Muzzleloader scope, and I'm not exactly sure how tight is tight enough when securing the scope i

    I just bought a Nikon Inline XR Muzzleloader scope, and I'm not exactly sure how tight is tight enough when securing the scope in the rings? Everything I've ever used has been for the most part iron sights. Can you guys help me out on this?

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    When applying a scope to the big magnums, anything short of an impact wrench is called for! LOL!

    My father-in-law had a saying I think fills the bill.
    "...cleverly tight..."

    Weaver style rings are very good, but I have the dickens getting the crosshairs "plumb"! Therefore, I always buy split rings, preferably with a single screw on each side.
    I also prefer the Torx type screws. A lot less boogered screws, just be doggone sure you're using the proper drive point!

    About as tight as you can get them with the accompanying tool should do.
    I bought a screwdriver with interchangeable heads. A nice big grip you can grasp firmly.
    Also remember, if you're "bull stout", ease up a bit. Tight is good. Overtight is, well, overtight and uncalled for.


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      Don't forget some 'blue' LocTite on the screws.
      Wash the screws with alcohol first to get any oil off them.


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        First Bubba, I contacted a friend who is the Armorer for the local PD and he pretty much gave me the same answer as yours. He then offered to put it on for me, so I went that direction. I'm still curious though, because in my head I'm thinking if you tighten to tight it will ruin the scope. Or are the rings made to where they will not deform the scope?


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          I've never measured a scope body or ID on scope rings. If there is any difference, it has to be mere you'reusandths, if any.
          No, I don't think you can damage a scope by over tightening the rings. Unless of course you have Magilla Gorilla on the screwdriver!
          The problem with over tightening is if removal should become necessary.
          It results in "boogered" screw heads, broken tools and screws and an overall general mess that can't be easily overcome in the field. Not to mention the irritation! LOL!
          I've mounted my own scopes and countless more for others. I've mounted scopes on just about everything between a .458 Win Mag and a .17 HMR.
          I don't use Lok-Tite and I've never had a scope or screw shoot loose.
          Good decision to go to your amigo if you're not comfortable with the task.
          If your friend has time and doesn't mind, ask to do the job yourself under his tutelage. If I can do it, it isn't that difficult.
          Tight! Not powered down!




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