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Will a Marble Bullseye Rear Sight work on a Savage 99?

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  • Will a Marble Bullseye Rear Sight work on a Savage 99?

    Will a Marble Bullseye Rear Sight work on a Savage 99?

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    I'd ask you to measure the height of the existing sight with a dial caliper, and check that measurement against the height of the Marble's Bullseye rear sight. If the existing rear sight's height is 0.338 to 0.535", you need only purchase the Marble's sight with the step elevator, which is Midway's Product #132532. Marble's fixed Bullseye rear sight (Midway Product #679676) is 0.438" high. If your existing sight is that height, you're set; however, there's no latitude for elevation adjustment on a fixed sight.
    If you don't have a dial caliper (Mitutoyo, Starrett, Helios, others), I'd recommend you purchase one because they're very useful. I use mine regularly.




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