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So Ah reckon it’s time to dig up the past, an in looking back, Ah has to ask the question of the times, so we don’t come in las

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  • So Ah reckon it’s time to dig up the past, an in looking back, Ah has to ask the question of the times, so we don’t come in las

    So Ah reckon it’s time to dig up the past, an in looking back, Ah has to ask the question of the times, so we don’t come in last. Remember Ali, the greatest of all, how he said before the fall, “Ain’t no Vietnamese evva called me no nigga, Ah aint gonna go, won’t pull no trigger.” How many wood say and say it soon, “Ain’t gonna kill no stone-age dune coon? Or how menny wood say, Gonna git up and go, gonna give ‘em hell, gotta show ‘em we’re on the side of Israel. We’ve adopted their god, so we know it’s right to do our part in a religious fight. How menny wood go and be part of armygeddon or see from home on the television; porking chicks, simging protest songs, smoking dope inna bamboo bong, sayin. “Why cain’t we just git along?”

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    And Ali was slicker than snot on a doorknob!


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      No mater what you say about Ali, He had left jab that was faster then a striking rattlesnake. i remember watch his fights with my Dad many many years ago.


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        Watched some of thet rope-a-dope on YouTube.

        Thet always ended with a hook to the haid thet nobuddy could stand!


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          One of Ali's punches was so fast it could not be caught on camera.
          I am referring to his knockout of Sonny Listen in their second match when Liston went down for the count after the famous "phantom punch."


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            99 -

            Yeah, evvabuddy thought Liston took a dive to git paid without taking a beating.

            Butt he (like all the others) wanted to kill Ali cuz he insulted them before the fight for months.

            Butt sumbuddy analyzed video recordings and found out that he wuz 25% faster than the World Middleweight champion!


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              bayouwoof - Former champions Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney and Joe Louis all thought the second fight knockout was a fake.
              Liston admitted years later that he took a dive, but it looked bad because the ref wouldn't start the count until Ali went to a neutral corner, and Liston had to stay down longer than he had planned.


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                99 -

                Yeah, they said it wuzza 20-count.

                People were ready to believe it cuz Liston wuzza ex-con and a junkie with Mafia connections.

                Butt the handspeed wz still there after Ali got outta prison, even though his legs were gone.

                It wz impossible to see the punch when he rope-a-doped George Foreman, too.

                George had him on the ropes and wz whaling away, when alluvva sudden his head popped up at an impossible angle and he staggered off and fell.


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                  Reckon it's time to relate a true story, then we'll mebbe git on to more Syrius business.

                  A friend of mine, whom I'll call "Bart" had gotten mugged by black gangsters when he wood go to the bathroom to pee.

                  Ah wz telling him about an Ali fight when he broke in and said,"Yeah, there's nothing I like better than to see two niggas beating the she-it outta each other."


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                    Ah doesn't know how the situation got to this point, butt for the Syrian regime to gas 1,500 of its own citizens can only be taken as domestic and international terrorism.

                    Whut is required is for everyone resposible to be taken into custody and tried for War Crimes immediately.

                    This is on a par with ennything the Nazis did during WWII.

                    The statement is, "We will do this to our own people; imagine whut we'll do to Israel, the United States, and ennybuddy else."

                    If those responsible are not rounded up and hanged on TV in the very near future, the gas could be coming to a stadium or other crowded area near you!


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                      "Float like a Butterfly, sting like a Bee"


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                        I think there is a strong possibility that by shifting the responsibility to Congress, Pres. Obama will do nothing in response to the gas attack, and then blame the Republicans for tying his hands.


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                          99 -

                          Of course!

                          How "Pontiuss Pilate" of him.

                          Ye can't accuse the current administration of not taking things straight out of the Ancient Roman Playbook.


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                            The Israelis, the Iranians and the rest of the world have to be viewing this incident as a litmus test of Obama's resolve to keep Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.
                            A non-response from the U.S. will signal that it's clear sailing for Iran to go nuclear, with only the Israelis to stop it. And they will.


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                              Yep, them middle-easterners ain't dumb, having invented a lot of mathematics and astronomy.

                              They are equally as precise with head games.

                              Been doing it for millenia.

                              All they have to do is set out there indy desert, stay up all night and...





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