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Are we as sportsman becoming too dependent on modern technology? In this age of GPS, SPOT, laser rangfinders, etc, have we lost

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    Brother KingFisher907

    You know if I didn’t cut right to the chase, I would be out of character, RIGHT! LOL!

    Ok fair enough, let me turn this around

    Some years ago a fella got certified as an open water diver and went on a diving trip down in the Bahamas. Upon his returned he filed a law suit against the manufacturer of his dive computer saying because it was faulty, saying he couldn’t dive and it ruined his diving trip. The company blasted back saying this person was a certified diver and by his certification alone must know how to manually calculate his dives period. The company countered sued and won hands down.

    If you’re going to use other means of whatever, you damn well better know the basics!

    Fair enough KingFisher907 B)


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      First of all I don’t go by Murphy’s Law which has umpteen gazillion laws

      I go by Sergeant Coopers Law which has only one simple law

      Murphy was an optimist!


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        Never used anything but a Topo map and a compass, even in Alaska. Most of the time don't use a compass either. I sure can get lost in the city but so far woods have not been a problem.


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          If you're not prepared/competent enought to not fall from a tree stand. I'd call the results natural selection or survival of the smartest/fitest?
          Learn the basics. Save the batteries for the kids toys.


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            Granpa made sure all of us could find our way around with map and compass and key star locations. GPS and all the rest are good backups especially in more remote locations but batteries fail and your brain doesn't unless you let it. Plus you have to figure out and remember how to use all the techno gadgets. The compass stuff and watching your backtrail is instictive once you have practiced enough.
            Clay, how did you fall out of that stand using a fall restraint and safety harness? GPS and SPOT can't fix stupid.


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              I remember that day Denise called and said lets go, so I grabbed the 22-250, 50 rounds and the Johnny Stewart call. While exiting the main Gate at Holloman AFB for our hunting area located on the most northern end of Fort Bliss Military Reservation east of US54 and south of Alamogordo New Mexico, I noticed I didn’t reinstall the radio. I figured I didn’t need it and pressed on the accelerator. Had a good time we did, 5 coyotes and a few Jack rabbits. While pulling into my driveway, Mrs. Smith my neighbor and wife of another hunting buddy said we have been trying to reach you on the radio and Mike is out on a search! A Boy Scout was climbing a rock cliff in Dogwood Canyon just a mile or 2 just north were I was hunting fail over 15 feet puncturing a lung and other serious injuries. The young boy died while being air lifted out.

              Some of you may take crack shots at those such as me for having electronic equipment such as a GPS and SPOT. You have no clue who I am, the training, experience and my abilities. Not only I carry a GPS and SPOT, I also carry a field programmable dual band VHF and UHF transceiver capable of not only transmitting and receiving on Amateur Radio Frequencies, but as well on Government frequencies including Law Enforcement and Air Evac. Those in the S&R, Law Enforcement and Red Cross say I’m a rolling Command Post.

              About that young Boy Scout that died on that Sunday, the following day at work my Branch Chief said laughing out loud, “He deserves it!” and chastised me for taking interest in the State Police Search and Rescue in Alamogordo New Mexico. The following morning, he came and stood in front of my disk and said with tears, I’m sorry for what I have said yesterday and he did so in front of the entire office for all to hear. That young man was the son of his best friend, the same boy that went to school, came over for sleep over’s and played together with his son.

              What I find in some of those that lack knowledge especially in experience, make up in ignorance!

              By the way chuckles, who said I fall out of that stand using a fall restraint and safety harness?

              GPS and SPOT can't fix stupid?

              Who’s chuckling now!


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                Yes we have been dependent on modern gadgets, and we do need to know the basics for sure. But with today’s technological advancements such as Air Evac etc, knowing your exact location can be fatal! Can you run for help for someone that is hurt and go back to that very same location in total darkness? I always carry 2 sets of backup batteries for each and install new ones each time I use it. What I carry mainly isn’t for me, although it’s nice to have, it’s for those I have come across including the extra 2 gallons of premixed 32:1 gas on my ATV.


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                  By the way, even with my trusty Ol’Army GI compass, I found compasses not reliable in Alaska because of sporadic magnetic interferences. Really don’t need one, there are plenty of mountains and other land marks such as ridges and rivers etc to find your location on a map.


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                    i like old school, compass and string to mark way


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                      OOPS, not Dogwood Canyon, it's Dog Canyon!

                      Latitude 32.7581N
                      Longitude 105.8857W

                      rocky d bashaw

                      AMEN to that!

                      In High School ROTC, my team was the only team to successfully go thru the land navigation course, the same the Army uses at Fort Chaffee Arkansas. The Sergeant running the course gave us toughest and my team was made up by 3 young ladies and myself! O’YA! And we were the only team to pass the course and lost by some 30 seconds for beating the course in record time!


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                        Aww now Clay, no need to take it personal. I was just asking along the lines of Kingfisher's earlier comment that GPS and SPOT don't replace common sense and good safety practices. If you ignore the basics bad stuff happens and if you blow an artery SPOT will help them find the body but not much else in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes even when you do everything right stuff goes wrong and the technology has saved a lot of folks in tight situations. I just hate to see people treat it as a substitute for basic safety and woodmanship.


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                          I don't know how to use a GPS. I know how to use a compass.


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                            In an emergency, I would want the full line of every modern technology to help me.

                            But you should know how not to become like the lost Boy Scout at all times with the simplest tools you can learn.


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                              The only time I use a gps is on the water or driving. I'm good in the woods, or at least have not had any issues so far. Of course I'm only 38. Maybe by the time I'm Clay's age my mind will start to go too!!

                              Just jabbing at ya Coop!!


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                                +1 for you B)




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