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Yesterday I finally made it out for my only fishing for this year (so far). Loaded up the canoe and gear the night before but w

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  • Yesterday I finally made it out for my only fishing for this year (so far). Loaded up the canoe and gear the night before but w

    Yesterday I finally made it out for my only fishing for this year (so far). Loaded up the canoe and gear the night before but was delayed leaving town in the morning due to estate matters that came up. Finally got away after lunch. It's about an hour and a half drive. Just as I turned off the highway it hit me that I had not only left my fishing license at home but also forgot to pick up minnows. Rats! Decided to give er hell anyway. The weather was interesting. Semi cloudy, very warm and dry, with a slight breeze blowing. Bugs were out but breeze on the lake kept them away. I rigged up a white wiggle worm on a bait spinner and took off. The lakes are still high from late spring so there was lots of water. Right off the bat I hauled in a nice pike about six pounds which I release (don't care to mess with them). To my surprise the bite never slacked off. I had steady fishing until dark. By about five the clouds had all blown away but it was too late to get real hot. Towards sundown the wind slacked to absolutely nothing (which is odd because it typically picks up at that time). I mean I could see the ripple from a water skipper's fart a quarter mile away. Somewhere a wildfire is burning that made for a spectacular sunset, doubly so with the reflection on the glassy lake. Enjoyed myself a bit too much and had to try to find my way back in the dark. No cottages or another soul fishing and the "lake" is a confusing compilation of several bays hooked together. It took a long time cruising along the bank until I finally found the portage site. Not a single mosquito to bother me as I loaded the stuff and the canoe. And the fine limit of walleye including a couple three or four pounders. Fresh fish for dinner tonight! But am I ever sore today! Anyway, what is the best wrong day gone right that you can recall in the field?

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    Good story, OHH, made me want to be there.

    My story isn't nearly as good, but since you asked... I lived in Illinois for a time in my youth, and had a cousin, Tim, just a couple of years older, who lived in Maryland. We would often visit each other to hunt and/or fish.

    One Fourth of July weekend when we were in college, he made the trip out. I had just started making my own fishing rods and tossed my first finished rod into my dad's boat with the rest. We set out with no expectations, considering it was too hot to expect a decent bite.

    After we killed the motor and he started to drop the trolling motor near some likely crappie areas, Tim reached for my newly created rod. As he picked up the rod, he somehow lost his balance and drove the tip right into the aft seat/cooler. The rod snapped about 8 inches back from the tip.

    I was obviously disappointed to lose the rod before I had even used it, but played it off so as to not make him feel bad.

    The crappie spot proved cold and we decided to try a nearby area known to hold walleye (a real treat in central Illinois) even though it was clearly too hot.

    As we bounced white twister tails along the bottom near a submerged island, walleye after walleye took the lure. They didn't seem to care that it was way too hot for them to bite. We slayed them all day. I made more rods like that, but never caught another limit of walleye from that lake.


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      OH, Nice day on the water.
      One episode I had was to loan my best friend a 12ga for deer hunting Thanksgiving Day. He must have been too embarrassed to ask me for slugs, so, he asked my Sister. Problem was, she shoots a 16ga. Well, he took a shot at a deer and it went off but it sure did foul out the bore. We got a long stick and handkerchief and managed to clear it out. Lucky it did not harm the gun. p.s. we each got a deer that day.


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        Why are night crawlers dangerous to the Canadian


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          Let's see if I can find a visual of that. Couldn't believe it myself until they showed us photos in the Park Service. Really does a number on the undergrowth. Here's a good site: h.ttp://




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