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Some might remember I was trying to get rattelsnakes out of my mobile home which in on my hunting property. I've tried everythi

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  • Some might remember I was trying to get rattelsnakes out of my mobile home which in on my hunting property. I've tried everythi

    Some might remember I was trying to get rattelsnakes out of my mobile home which in on my hunting property. I've tried everything I can think of, and have failed. The snakes won. I'm now in the market for a travel trailer or fifth wheel. I don't have knowledge with these. Are there any brands that are better than others? Any brands to stay away from.

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    Ah lived inna 31-foot Airstream Land Yacht for several years.

    Ah gutted it and repainted it and put in the biggest bed that wood go in, up front.

    There wuz plenty of room inside for a computer table and a work bench on the other side.

    I put in a flush toilet and reworked the galley area and installed an electric water heater.

    Repainted the interior flat white

    It ended up being very roomy and comfortable.

    Beware of propane heaters.

    Ah used a portable electric heater and it worked well at a cost of a dollar per day.


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      I just bought a Jayco 23' but will use it mostly as a stationary camp. Had a 30' Fleetwood Prowler and liked that.
      I also have a sun lite which is also 23' and as the name implies is very easy to tow.
      If you are going to put miles on it I would look at the ones with solid fiberglass(?) sides, I have been told they hold up better than the conventional aluminum sided. Most all major mfg. offer the solid fiberglass sided ones.
      Pull outs are nice but beware, sometimes you can not gain entry until the side is extended, not a good feature if you are on the road and just want to stop and have lunch.
      Another thing, you might want a 3-4 season trailer - that has the entire bottom covered. Might be the thing to keep out snakes. It also extends the use into colder temperatures as the pipes are enclosed.
      I go around the bottoms of my trailers and shove steel wool into any crack or crevice. Keeps out the mice as they will not chew steel wool and also might deter snakes.
      Good luck finding one. Jim


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        I have a 16'JAYKO Traveler 2008 it has all that I need Sleeps 4 has A/C,Heat 110V or 12Volt.


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          Don't travel by air, either. There's a good documentary out called, "Snakes on a Plane."


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            Jay, I'm just wondering, will a new mobile home in the same area stop the mice and the poisonous Houdini’s from getting in from below?




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