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In theory a fellow that wants his rifle to shoot fast and flat without using overloads should be able to do so by switching to B

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    I also tend to prefer the middle to heavy weight bullets of any given caliber. I also will add that the reason I shoot 117s in the.25 is that an old friend gave me lots of these bullets before he died so I feel compelled to use them up. When I get around to buying more for big game I will probably select the 100 gr Barnes. By the way if you ever have a question you can call Barnes and they will bust their butts getting an answer for you.


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      Also, me and guessing wind drift are not friends. Again, my shots are generally not long enough to worry about it much, but I like to have as little of it as possible. But I guess I'm not necessarily helping myself. Heavier bullets might cancel their wind bucking abilities with slower velocity and more flight time in some cases.


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        I never had a problem out of Hornady except two times, once in my 44 mag shooting Hornady cast that leaded my barrel so bad it took days to get it out and the second is shooting 100 grain out of the 300 Win Mag I had.

        I shoot Nosler Partitions and Hornady, other than the two previous problems why should I change when I get maximum performance from Jackrabbits to Moose with all “BANG FLOPS”. I shot my Moose with a Hornady 225 Grain out of my 338 Win Mag and dropped it like a mountain of rocks!

        You can say whatever you want, my experience with winning countless Local, State and Regional Championships and all “BANG FLOPS” over whelmingly proves Hornady may not be the “Armor Piercing Game Bullet” you want, but does exceed both in accuracy, performance and makes it affordable to shoot.

        As far as shooting 100 grainer’s out of a 25-06 in bean field’s granted their fantastic until the wind picks up and my Hornady 117SST’s and 117 SPBT’s really walks the dog! Besides I never came across any game wearing a bullet proof vest demanding a Barnes bullet! If I want more penetration, I’ll use my Nosler 120 grain Partitions and they shoot the same point of aim at 100 yards as the rest of my loads.

        And as far as if you want to shoot 130s than get a 270, get real! 130 grain Hornady out of 308’s, 30-06 and 300 Win Mag on Trophy Mule Deer work fantastic!

        One more thing, Hornady Match Bullets shoots flatter and is more accurate than Burgers VLD’s and Sierras etc especially on the 1000 yard line!

        Has anyone ever tried Hornady’s 190 grain Soft Point Boat Tails? All the 30-06 sHunters in Alaska I handed a box to really love them!

        Bottom line, you folks may be hung up on Barnes and A-Frames etc but my lifelong experience with shooting Hornady’s in my rifles proves that switching will not happen and if we were shooting side by side, you would be singing a different song! I’m totally satisfied in what I have with the performance to win numerous competitions and all bang flops, but like I said, if you want “Armor Piercing Game Bullet” go knock yourself out!

        One more thing why I don’t shoot Barnes, does the word ricochet come to mind!


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          I never wounded a big game animal in my life, but a many times I have handed my rifle to the ones that did!

          Funny thing, they were all shooting the “in style bullet” recommended by armchair specialists!!

          Sounds familiar

          Go figure!


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            I usually go on the light side as well. I hunt big open country, and flat and fast has served me well. 150 grain Hornady interbonds in my 300 Win over 7828 SSC(don't have the grain load handy, it's at home, I am at the office), and 95 grain Nosler Partitions in my .243 over 7828 SSC as well.


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              I've used various Barnes X's over the years. One of my old favorites was a 150 grain boat tail X at about 2900 from an '06. It killed deer like a bolt from above. It would also shoot through large wild hogs like nobody's business! I killed several big boar between 400 & 500 pounds with that load. All exits on body shots even through the shields.

              One problem with the older ones though, they would copper plate your bore. Took plenty of CR10 to get the stuff out. I've been testing some of the new ones which use a different alloy and also have the "relief" bands. Results looks good so far. I need to find another big boar to test them on!


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                WoW, I left early yesterday, and made up for it by coming in late this morning. Got a hall pass to go to the Laker/Nugget game.

                Since they but the grooves in the Barnes Triple Shock it is a different bullet, all for the better. I have taken over 70 animals with this bullet since the change, from 243 thru 416. Hope this keeps me out of the arm chair strategist category or Clay will make me throw them away, and go back to using Hornaday.


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                  Sorry, that should have been specialist, not strategist. Looks like this subject has been covered from most angles.


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                    I agree with you Happy. Before the grooves I didn't like the Barnes at all. Too much pressure, copper fouling and they would not group well in anything tried. That has all changed with triple shock and as long as they make them I will use them.


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                      Forgot to add I use hornady bullets for prac-err training yeah that's it training at the range. They make a nice sound when I hit the 10 inch gong at 200 yd off hand. Well, got to get out of my armchair and go fix something for dinner. Yeah, I like to cook too.


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                        Geez, I can.t even spell Hornady right. I keep telling you guys, if I could read or write, I would have had a legitimate job. Best to all.


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                          It was none other than the great one David E. Petzal that got me to try Barnes bullets again after he wrote up the triple shocks.


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                            I have a friend that shoots Barnes Triple Shock out of his 37HH in 235 grain at 3150 and the thing is a tack driver.


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                              The only "failure" I have encountered with a Barnes X was on a shot I took at a buck that came out literally under my stand. I was hunting a large Pecan Grove with my 25/06. Had to shoot him at 25 yards or nothing. The petals came off the 100 grain bullet and the remainder exited as a soild. I found 2 of the petals while cutting up the meat. For a bullet failure the performace was decent I'd say, he only went 20 yards! I simply asked that slug to do too much at that velocity and at close range, but it did it anyway.

                              I guess I'll get up out of my arm chair, pull my head out of my arm pit and warm up my wife. She does have a full set of teeth by the way!




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                                Beekeeper come over sometime and we'll put a new set of tires on the house.




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