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Definitely not bragging but, tonight I ran 3 miles, outside, in GA, with "hilly" terrain. This is the farthest I have ever ran

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  • Definitely not bragging but, tonight I ran 3 miles, outside, in GA, with "hilly" terrain. This is the farthest I have ever ran

    Definitely not bragging but, tonight I ran 3 miles, outside, in GA, with "hilly" terrain. This is the farthest I have ever ran and I am quite proud of that. I have also lost 17 lbs since 6-28-13 as part of my pre-season workout regime. Unfortunately, this season I "let myself go" a lot farther than normal so I still have quite a ways to go before September. Anyone else have a preseason workout to get ready for fall? How's it going?

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    Congrats on your weight loss and the 3/mile run. at 70+ I no longer Run...just walk Fast for a short time and work-out with a Stairs Master Now & Then.


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      Congrats Deer! That sounds like quite an accomplishment! I also am working on preparing for elk hunting this fall. I have been playing disc golf a couple times a week at this point. It is about a four mile walk up and down local canyons. I've also beem mowing the lawn and taking care of the landscape. Collectively, these are getting me in better shape. I still need to lose about 10 pounds but am making progress. My artificial knees don't allow me to run too well but I'm trying to get them to a point where they get me there.


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        I slid off the wagon when the baby was coming. I put on about fifteen pounds but I was already very lean so it's not real bad news. I seem to be able to shed weight fairly easily. I'll start back to the gym this week even if it means going in the middle of the night. My daughter's new baby is tying me up and I eat more because she is eating more to keep up with feeding him. Best exercise is simply pushing oneself away from the table. Exercising at the gym by itself won't get much for results.

        I usually walk three miles in just under 36 minutes on the treadmill and then do some stuff on the weight machines. Am now doing forty situps three times daily. All the weight gain went to love handles and they are HARD to get rid of. Last year by the time I had arrived in Montana for pheasants I weighed 175 lbs (6'1") and my goal now is to get down there again. Sure seemed to be lighter on my feet.

        Good luck with your regimen. Keep it up! Dakota, are you worried about weight or stamina? If it's weight, I advise signing up with a personal trainer at the gym. They can figure out a way to work around your knee replacements.


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          Hadda slight health glitch

          Ah does pushups and isometrics and stretch an elastic band all whichawayz

          Ah walk a mile evry day after breakfast.

          The muscle definition is coming back.

          Ah've gained 30 lbs since going to the emergency room.

          Too late for whupping mah a$$!

          Another 30 and they'll make me go back to work.

          Cain't wait for the bird season opener.


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            Deer30, great job and keep in up!

            Last year I was walking at first light for an hour a day. After dinner time if I ate a snack it was a carrot, celery stick or non fattening yogurt.

            In eight months I went from 310 pounds to 245. I gain 20 pounds back because I stopped walking and was eating sweets and junk food in the evening.

            Thanks for the heads-up Deer 30. Time for me to put the walking snickers back on and no more consuming fat food items in the evening because it sits there when you sleep and it turns to fat.


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              I walk a couple miles in the evening 3 or 4 times a week plus I go to the gym a couple times a week for weights and a swim.


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                sounds like your on your way to being the next Cameron Hanes. Congrats!


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                  great job deer30! I am getting ready for this winter's coonhunting by lifting weights and participating in Tae Kwon Do (Korean Martial Arts)


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                    The hardest part of training is a proper diet. Eat fresh or frozen and stay away from processed food containing MSG or Aspartame. Aspartame in "Diet" drinks tricks your Pancreas to store the accompanying meal your eating. My son's advised me that if they needed a Fat Lab Rat in College. Something that does not appear in nature. They put a Rat on an MSG Protocol to artificially fatten it up.

                    PS MSG has about 35 generic names


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                      I run in the bottoms behind my house. Its so thick, I run 100 yards and it feels like a ran a mile.


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                        thanks everyone. My biggest hurdle is the portion size of my meals. My wife and I cut out sodas and junk food a long time ago for economic reasons. So that stuff hasn't been the issue. But I make a mean deer meat casserole and I cut my venison steaks on the large side (3/4" thick) so each weighs about a pound or more. Backing off and calling it quits when I want more was hard.
                        Now I drink a full glass of water before my meal to help fill me up and it seems to work.

                        MSG is short for tastes good! lol I have not changed what I eat just how much. I love food and refuse to give it up. I have also noticed the same about beer and whiskey. When my son was born 18 months ago, I all but stopped drinking (not that I drank a lot before) But now, after a long hot day of work, the opportunity for an ice cold beer tends to turn into a six pack.


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                          DEER30 I have to agree with you some what. But MSG rely translates to the Crack of the food industry. If you think back 30-40 years even fat people weren't as fat as fat people today. Food still had to be momentarily satisfying. MSG, salt and sugar was the cheap alternative and increases shelf life. Marketing seems to drive America. IE. Lard is actually healthier than butter or margarine. But the name is off putting. Of course don't run off and make a Lard Sandwich. Moderation is easier when food satisfies in the long term.

                          Being of German extraction I can't say a bad word about Beer. Just keep in mind alcohol is a diuretic.




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