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If you're handloading ammo like .45/90, .45/100, .45/110, or .45/120 can you use a slug from a .45/70?

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    WAM -

    Ah normally don't spell too well, butt it is almost always deliberate, to emphasize geographic origins as well as species-specific differences.

    Labrador speak with a certain kind of Southern dialect.

    Butt this time, Ah misspelt cho handle!

    No offence itended!


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      woof... not to hijack this thread, however, I must note that most South Dakota Labradors have no Southern accent or dialect whatsoever. I now live in Georgia and the labs here do seem to woof Southern.

      Stinky... all these take a .45 caliber bullet regardless of its origin.


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        I believe the term 45 Long Colt came into use at the same time as the 45 Schofield a shorter cased 45 caliber round. The Schofield round could be chambered in the former. But not vice versa. Hence the "Long" in front of the standard "45 Colt" cartridge.


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          Nope. Didn't know about a .45 Schofield. I load the 45/70, but not the others although I do have dies for the .45Colt.


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            DakotaMan -

            Ah think beekeper is the only one who caught it in mah previous incarnation - blackdawgz.

            But he lives in Georgia, too.

            Ah is Black, from Alabammie, and like Louis L'Amour and talk a lot like his characterz..

            Re the bullets...

            REAL black powder shooterz slug the bar'l and git custom molds and the diameter is whut it iz.

            Wish Ah could shoot a roffle like you!


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              I can't figure out which dialect my Labradors speak. I think badazz for the black dawg as he is getting more cantankerous with age. I'm sure the little blonde Tiger Lily Scout speaks with a sweet Southern lilt. Not a cross bone in her body, unlike the big dawg.


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                WAM -

                Thet's about it.

                Big aggressive males cuss a lot.

                Like unto a Chief Petty Officer.

                Ah used to work with retarred Chiefs when Ah worked inna Navy shipyard.

                Them boyz wood make a biker blush.


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                  My (antiquated!) loading manuals show bullet diameters for the .45 (Long) Colt to range from .451 to .4515 to .454. The .45-70 Gov't, however, called for a bullet diameter of .458 only.
                  The heaviest .451-.454 bullet was a 240 grain. The only .458 bullet advertised was 300 grains.
                  I'm quite certain that all the above stated rifle "calibers" are the same. That would be .458.


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                    Woof - I thought that accent sounded familiar! :-)




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