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If you're handloading ammo like .45/90, .45/100, .45/110, or .45/120 can you use a slug from a .45/70?

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  • If you're handloading ammo like .45/90, .45/100, .45/110, or .45/120 can you use a slug from a .45/70?

    If you're handloading ammo like .45/90, .45/100, .45/110, or .45/120 can you use a slug from a .45/70?

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    Yes...45 is the caliber...the 70,90,110 is grams of black power, in the Cartridge.


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      Tree is right.

      Ah used to have a .45-70 and a .45-120.

      The bullet diameters are .458.

      Not the same azza .45 long Colt.


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        Yes, if the bullet weight is correct for the charge you are loading. Diameter is the same.


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          Minus points?

          OK, the .45 LC is .452" diameter.

          The .45 government is .458" diameter.

          The information is available to anyone online.

          Gotta lotta experience loading both.

          Ennybuddy who thinks points have meaning has to be mentally impaired...


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            There are plenty of the comically insane round here.


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              Bayouwoof you must mean .45 Colt. There is no .45LC or .45 long Colt listed.


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                Jimbo -

                Keep lookin.

                Mebbe I'll go find one.


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                  Didn't think Ah had imagined it.

                  Google ".45 Long Colt Ammo."

                  You will find it to be readily available in almost unlimited quantity.

                  Turns out that the Long Colt is the popular name that caught on, and that Colt never called his pistol by that name.

                  Butt that is whut's printed on the ammo boxes.

                  Ah hadda Ruger New Model Blackhawk, Ah'll go look at their website...


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                    Went to Wikipedia.

                    Turns out that the LC became attached to it at a time that the Army was using both the Colt and the Schofield, which had a shorter cartridge length.


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                      WAN -

                      Grrr Grrr...


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                        WAM -

                        A thousand pardons...

                        They said the rent includes all utilities here, butt they nevva said it wuzzn't dark in here!

                        Besides, dawgz cain't spell!


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                          I was not talking 'bout you! Referring to the members of Ringling Bros., Barnum & Bailey that hang out here. LOL


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                            jimbo, woof is obviously talking about the .45 Colt, as it is "officially" known. It is VERY commonly called the .45 Long Colt, but you already knew that. There is no reason to be a jerk here.


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                              greenhead -

                              We need more of thet here!

                              Good shot.


                              Right upside thet ugly haid!




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