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What is the nicest thing that you have received from Field & Stream?

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    Oh, no! Sorry to hear that about Bill. R.I.P.

    My big dawg is a bit lame right now. He chased a deer out of the yard on Tuesday evening and came back limping. Doc says it's the first joint above the paw, but I think it is his shoulder. Doc wrenched on him a while and said no need to immobilize. He is just on NSAIDs and drugged up to keep him quiet for the next week or so. Got a 1-year old yellow Lab to replace the Golden that died last Memorial Day 2012. There might be a pup picture of her in my profile pics.

    Take care.


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      I've Received PRIMOS Can Family Pack Doe in heat,Blat
      Can's for testing with very good results.


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          I got some education and some laughs from the Message Board and Answers.


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            WAM -

            Vets are all different.

            Most ain't wurf a $hit!

            Find a vet who will sell you Rimadyl for joint pain.

            I saw the Gypsy(rest her soul) chase a rabbit while inna external leg brace (stainlsss steel cage with pins through bone) while on Rimadyl.

            I have studied Malassezia Dermatitis for years and spent thousands trying to find a cure.

            I just cured Woofie in just 5 1/2 weeks.

            The fungus is what causes infections in the ear canal, around the mouth, and anywhere the dawg contacts the ground.

            I appear to be the only person who knows how to treat it, except for the most superficial cases.

            If you ever need any help with this, let me know.

            It will be the best thing ever delivered via F&S.


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              WAM again -

              You done the Right Thing!

              Dawg Deaths are a tragedy, but there are many Labradors needing a home, and you are tough enough to get another.

              Mine usually die around my birthday.

              I used to work with a guy who could recite John Donne's "Death Be Not Proud" in it's entirety.

              Ah distinctly remember my English Professor at the University of Alabama, mebbe 45 years ago, reading it to the class.

              Being a small-town redneck from Mobile, I found it to be morbid and disgusting.

              Reckon Ah still do.

              We can't replace the Old Dawg, but the new ones appreciate the Good Home and fill our lives with joy.


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                Tips have been the best, free too!
                also talking with folks that have similar interests, which can be difficult in this PC world we live in.


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                  I have got a magazine in the mail once a month for 12 years and an amazing amount of knowledge on hunting a fishing.


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                    Bayouwoof, good to hear from you. That learning to walk again is one of the things I had to do after my stroke, which I am sure you remember. I also know too well about blood sugar problems because I have been on the needle for quite a few years myself. On the lighter side, don"t let Woofie get all the kisses. By the way, the old runways at the Brookley AFB will soon be busy again with new planes made in the new EADS/Northrop Grumman Factory which is currently being built right on site. So eventually, Mobile just might get back on the map for something other than rescuing cruise ships.


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                      Santa -

                      Thanky, Thanky.

                      Yeah, I saw about the cruise ship on the TV all the way up here in Camas, WA.

                      I always thought these medical problems were for "other" people.

                      Butt Ah can walk again and I got the cataracts removed from both eyes, so I'm ready to go dove hunting again!

                      Interesting that they've found a use for Brookley AFB.

                      I went to airshows there when I wuz a kid.

                      Saw Frank Tallman fly his F8F Bearcat and P51 Mustang.

                      People say it wuz closed as retribution for voting the wrong way in a Presidential election.

                      Kisses for Woofie: A couple of those caregivers are totally nuclear!

                      Butt I'm 64 years old and everything thet goes with it!

                      When I get going again, I'm gonna git Woofie a girlfriend.

                      Gotta be a mean un.

                      He's too sweet!


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                        Brave, the big black dawg, seems to be recovering and is hard to keep still. He is on 100 mg Rimadyl 1x 12 hours for 10 daze.

                        Roll Tide, Roll!



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                          Bayouwoof, I still remember the bumper stickers that said "LBJ means - Leave Brookley by July"


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                            Santa -

                            I guess I nevva saw that one.

                            Butt Ah remember a LBJ joke...

                            Seems there wuz a guy who went to change his name from LB $hit.

                            The judge said, "OK I'll go along with that, what do you want to change it to?"

                            "Joe $hit!"


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                              About the only thing I received is an offer to renew for 70% off.


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                                WAM -

                                Thet sounds encouraging!

                                He'll prolly be OK in thet much time.

                                Ah had gotten the Gypsy's (rest her soul) ankle fuzed after a accident and it only cost $2,500.

                                The orthopedic vet wuzza genius except for not knowing anything about Labs, even though he had kept one going for 17 years.

                                He thought I wanted the leg set for the sitting position.

                                He wuz surprised when Ah insisted on a running position and he measured it with a protractor and thet's whut Ah got.

                                It enabled me to take her hunting and pose for the photo I'm about to post.




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